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Tactical Paintball Markers

Updated on November 15, 2014

Use Realistic Paintball Markers For The Most Realistic Fun!

The game of paintball has moved to the woods! Military scenario war simulation play has taken the game of paintball into an exciting new direction. Rather than jerseys, cleats and hi-tech competition markers, players are hitting the woods dressed in camouflage fatigues, combat boots and realistic, military replica paintball guns. As an unspoken rule, the more realistic the equipment, the better. Paintball guns used in scenario woodsball games are realistic M4 carbines, AK47's, snipers and sub-machine gun assault rifles. Lose yourself in battle carrying a fully functional paintball rifle that looks so much like the real thing it's incredible.

Magazine Fed Paintball Guns

As realistic as it gets...

There's no question that magazine fed paintball guns are the most realistic on the field. When your gun is fed paintballs by a magazine, not only does it make the marker look totally realistic, but it also allows it to work without a bulky hopper on top. With no hopper in the way, the gun is more balanced and scopes and sights mounted on top have unimpeded sight. In order to keep up with the growing demand of ultra realistic military paintball equipment, there are two gun manufacturers that have stepped up and created true magazine fed tactical paintball markers; RAP4 and Maxtact. Both company's offer extremely realistic markers with fully functional magazines. If you're looking to buy a magazine fed paintball gun, the question is... which brand is best?

While both Maxtact and RAP4's 468 are very realistic and offer many variations to choose from, Maxtact's guns are probably the higher quality and most reliable. Maxtact magazine fed markers are just a hint more detailed than the 468 as well. Comparing to the 468, Maxtact guns often have much less problems and last longer, but are nearly double the price. This company also has a reputation of consistently poor customer service. While it is rare, if something goes wrong with your Milsig marker and you need it serviced, this company is nearly impossible to reach or get a response from. It can also take weeks to receive a Milsig gun as they are made in Canada and Canadian customs can be unpredictable and difficult to deal with.

RAP4's 468 on the other hand, are also very realistic and have several unique features, however nearly 1 out of every 4 have serious problems that require maintenance/repair after just the first use. Fortunately, this company is readily available with great customer service and offer a 5 year warranty on all their magazine fed markers. Tough call on which is better... expensive and more reliable (Maxtact), however virtually no support if something goes wrong; or cheaper, lesser quality (468) but good support whenever you need it. In our opinion, go with the 468; it make take them a few times but eventually they get it right and you will have a good magazine fed gun.

AK47 Paintball Guns
AK47 Paintball Guns

AK47 Paintball Guns

Extremely realistic 'bad guy' tactical markers

It's also fun to use one of the most popular assault rifles in military history; the AK47. These are extremely popular on the scenario paintball field and there are many brand name AK47 paintball guns to choose from. When purchasing, your best bet is to pick one that has a good brand name marker as its base; like the Tippmann 98 for example. Most brand name tactical markers produce an AK47 replica so there are numerous to compare. For the most realistic AK47 marker, choose one that's built onto a magazine fed gun, like the T68, Milsig or Tacamo brands. This classic 'bad guy' gun is always a great time on the tactical battlefield!

T68 Frostbite Sniper
T68 Frostbite Sniper

Sniper Paintball Guns

Realistic and accurate!

Sniper paintball guns offer a fun tactical experience as they will allow you to excel at the sniper position. This character is a key player and well respected (depending on how good you are!). His job is to pick off key players with precision accuracy, preferably from a hidden perspective. Many players who enjoy the sniper position go all out.... ghillie suit complete outfit, camouflage tape on everything and a sniper paintball gun that's completely decked out with every gadget possible.

With longer length barrels (up to 22 inches) and rifling, these sniper paintball markers shoot extra straight, extra far; much better than your average paintball gun. With the addition of a moderate to long range scope to help dial in precision targets, you will be amazed at how much better your marksmanship improves with a sniper gun. Nearly all brands of paintball guns have sniper versions so there are tons to choose from. Choose the size and shape of your sniper paintball gun related to type of game you play. As sniper markers come in many different shapes and sizes; some larger and heavier (with more accessories), and some lighter weight for ease of carrying. Choose a heavy sniper gun if you like to hide and wait for your enemy from a perch. The lighter weight guns are great for the sniper who likes to stay on the go or even a tactical scout.

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