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Awesome Backpack for the Infantry Soldier.

Updated on October 14, 2015

Which Tactical Pack do you prefer?

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Mystery Ranch 3-Day Pack

Blackhawk, TAD Gear, Camelbak or Mystery Ranch?

Well let me put it this way.

If God said unto me: Soldier! You got only one Assault pack to bring back to heaven. Which one will it be Soldier?

Mystery Ranch All The Way!! Airborne!!


There is not one perfect Patrol pack out there. Each different style of backpack caters to the soldier needs.

With so many brands out there it can get very confusing. It is a very good idea to observe down range and see what kind of equipment is available to your needs.

One Tactical pack that I can recommend is the Mystery Ranch 3-Day Assault Pack . I will use my personal backpack for this hands on review.

This is the standard to what a tactical pack should be. 1-3 day missions that require a tough backpack for carrying the operators mission essential needs.

It is a little expensive to say the least. But as with the saying goes. You get what you pay for. And in the long run your equipment will lasts you for many years to come.

An equipment fails down range can mean a life or death situation. For example you are out there on a Patrol mission. When engaged with danger you cannot have your ammo pouches tear off your P.A.L.S. webbing.Seconds count. You have no time to recover those ammos on the ground. That is a No-Go.

Made In The.....

US of A. Built from their factory in Bozeman, MT.

The man behind Mystery Ranch is Dana Gleason.

With over 30 years of experience you know you are in good hands with these backpacks. In his early glory days Dana started as a repair tech in gear shops.

Experience matters when designing a backpack for the outdoors. Danas hands on approach towards building a pack seperates him from the pack. His knowledge that he brings and with constant feedbacks from military to civilians put him way ahead of the backpacking industry.

Tri-Zip Design.


Mystery Ranch Assault Patrol Pack Features:

1. Futura Ruck

2. Futura Yoke

3. P.A.L.S.(Pouch Attachment Ladder System) Web on the sides and insides of the pack

4. Radio inputs with straps and attenna routes through the urethane ports

5. Capable of holding up to full 100 oz hydration bladders

6. Colors: Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, Black and Multi-Cam

7. Made in the USA.

Observe the Tri-Zip. The zipper pulls are top notch. With black strip cover guide this makes the zippers silent. Comparing this to my Blackhawk X1 Jumpack the zippers are small. With 550-like tie loops opening the pack is a cinch.

Look further into the pack. PALS Web on top. Internal utility pockets.

Straps with quick release buckles. These are used for primarly a 117 radio. Easy to cinch down the radio very tightly. So on your next ruck run the radio will not go nowhere!!

Futura Ruck

Behind the back compartment is an opening for the adjustable carbon sheet inside. This design is standard on all Mystery Ranch Backpacks.

This is an adjustment that can be made to go up or down on the contours of your back. This is a great feature.

The carbon sheet pulled all the way out for you to see.Very durable construction and easy to adjust.

The Futura Ruck.

Another option that you can include with this pack is the BVS.Bolstered Ventilation and Stability. Gives more stability when you have a body armor on. Now you know quite well it is difficult to get your backpack going with your body armor on.

Compression Straps..Beefy!

The compression straps is a must in adjusting your load. These buckles are very tough and durable. The picture won't do justice.

With my experience on different types of loads the straps do very well in keeping my gear tightly in place. The straps are made of tough cordura. The buckles are awesome. It takes a little muscle to release those buckles.


PALS web on the side is very duarable. The stitching on these are top notch. Like I mentioned earlier that if these fail it is a No Go.

I attached my Voodoo utility pouch and took it out side for a quick ruck run. Well more like a 50 yard dash. Just to see if the webbing holds up well. On my old 3 day BlackHawk one of the PALS Web failed on me.

Compression strap guides are good to go. Side pocket are used for your water bottle or a hydration bag.

Shoulder straps...Squared away!!

The shoulder straps are top notch. With the right amount of padding it rests on your shoulder comfortably.

Sternum straps are adjustable.Again these straps are beefy. There are bends that are stitched on the shoulder straps. This design makes the straps bend in divergent positions on your shoulder. No more of that strap trying to move up or down.

On those adjustable shoulder straps it takes a little more muscle to pull down to the right adjustment. Better and thicker straps means no bothersome slippage.

Ruck Up Airborne!!!!!

In conclusion to this review I would definitely recommend this Assault Pack to all Military, Civilians and Law Enforcement.

The construction and materials is very well made. You can really feel the quality on this backpack.

Since I have purchased one for my personal EDC I immediately sold off my TAD Gear Fastpack Litespeed on Ebay.

For the price of this tactical pack it is very well worth it. My other tactical Pack is a KIFARU MARAUDER. I just did a review on this in my previous Hubs.

Another KIFARU is coming to town. Can you say ZULU Tactical??


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