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My Tai Cheng Workout Review

Updated on February 8, 2013

What is the Tai Cheng Workout?

Tai Cheng is a comprehensive, 12-week body conditioning workout program designed to strengthen any areas of weakness, tone your muscles without building bulk and burn calories, while improving your balance, your flexibility, and your mobility. Just because our bodies age, does not mean we have to accept the stiffening of joints, constant aches or decreases in strength, alignment, mobility, and flexibility.

In this Tai Cheng Review, I will go over all aspects of the Tai Cheng Workout with you, including what Tai Cheng is, how Tai Cheng works, what the Tai Cheng program includes, and a little about the Dr. Cheng - the man behind the magic.

Devised by Tai Chi Master, Dr. Mark Cheng, and Beachbody, the Tai Cheng workout is designed to help you feel better and younger...naturally. In fact, all walks of life are enjoying the benefits of this workout including elite athletes, the not-so-active, young and old, as well as big and small. After completing this program I can honestly tell you that every person has something to gain from this workout whether it's to improve your athletic performance, lose some weight, regain flexibility and mobility, or increase your energy.

Who Can Benefit from Tai Cheng?

How Tai Cheng Can Help You

Almost anyone of any age will benefit from the Tai Cheng workout program. This includes everyone from athletes looking to improve their sports performance and make use of their full athletic potential, individuals recovering from injury or returning to exercise after a long period of time due to an injury, those looking for a gentle workout free of jumping, rapid movements and heavy cardio, Seniors looking to stay independent and mobile, as well as those who are simply looking to get in sync with their bodies, creating a greater sense of awareness and well-being.

The following is a simple list of just some of the specific health benefits Tai Cheng has to offer:

1. Athletes looking to improve their athletic performance. Tai Cheng helps reduce your risk of injury by putting less strain on your muscles to increase power, improve alignment, and develop overall increase in range of motion, strength, stability, control, and balance.

2. Those recovering from injury or returning to exercise after injury. Rest assured...Tai Cheng offers no rapid movements that could re-injure you and absolutely no jumping. Tai Cheng will help you recover flexibility while rebuilding your strength and stability. This increase of stability and strength will help you develop a stronger foundation and prepare you for more extreme fitness such as P90X or Insanity.

3. Those looking for a gentle workout. Tai Cheng is the perfect option. Its slow and flowing movements will never put stress on your joints - they will only ease any tension you may have while the static and dynamic stretching, along with self-myofascial release, will relieve any tight spots. Tai Cheng will allow you to lose weight safely and gently, while developing a better sense of body awareness and control.

4. Seniors who want to age gracefully or regain their mobility. Tai Cheng will help prolong fitness and help maintain your mobility and strength. It can even help those with existing mobility issues to regain their independence. Tai Cheng will also help improve balance thus decreasing the possibility of falling. Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you have to feel old!

5. Those looking to regain a better sense of their bodies. Tai Cheng helps reduce stress, relieving trigger points that cause muscle stiffness. Together, these help contribute to a greater sense of well-being and a happier, healthier you.

How Tai Cheng Works

An Introduction to Dynamic Motion Control

Tai Cheng's secret to success is due to Dynamic Motion Control. Dynamic Motion Control involves the use of gentle flowing movements, like those in Tai Chi, designed to help you open your joints, loosen and unwind painful muscle knots, increase flexibility, and improve balance. In the 90 days you follow this program, you will learn Tai Chi's 18 key healing movements, which you learn and build off of day to day. This is how you will be able to live an active lifestyle with less pain once you're finished with the program. Tai Cheng is not so much of a workout program as it is a means of making the most out of your body - pain free!

First, you will learn the individual movements and postures. Then, you will combine these new movements and postures together to create combinations, which eventually will lead to longer series of combinations specifically designed to help you feel younger and healthier. This step-by-step learning process is what will help you learn the practice of Tai Chi without the overwhelming feeling of learning too many moves at once.

With Tai Cheng, you will actually improve your health as you age instead of the much accepted notion of your health and your body declining with age. The therapeutic movements and postures involved in this program are proven to improve circulation as well as increase lung capacity and muscle strength. This increase of blood flowing through your veins is what will help your body get rid of its toxins, which in turn, boosts your natural immunity and your overall health. There really is nothing to lose with Tai Cheng - except the "old" you.

Tai Cheng Explained YouTube Video

What Tai Cheng Comes With

The Tai Cheng Base Kit and Master Kit Explained

When you order Tai Cheng online, you will receive the complete base kit package that is well worth the money spent, and that's not even taking into consideration how much better you are going to feel. Included in the program are 12 workout DVDs and 1 Master Scroll "Get Started" DVD that are approximately 30-60 minutes each, the "Applied Tai Cheng" bonus DVD, "Easy Does It" Guidebook, Tai Cheng foam roller, tape measure, Week-by-Week Workout Calendar, "Feel Better" Food Plan, "Just Eat This" Guide, yellow and green resistance bands (beginner and intermediate), removable tape for setting up your calibration grid, and free online access to the online community for support or advice anytime you need it.

The Master Kit includes all of the above but includes the Master Class DVD, Qi Gong DVD, Rumble Roller (a foam roller on steroids that REALLY gets into the tense areas - well worth the extra money!), weighted gloves to build muscle, Master Workout Calendar, and high resistance (advanced) strength band. If you have the extra money, the Master Kit is the way to go.

How Much Tai Cheng Costs

Is Tai Cheng Really Worth It?

The cost of Tai Cheng varies greatly depending on where you buy it from. On, you will pay $144 for the Tai Cheng Base Kit and about $265 for the Master Kit. However, if you buy either kit directly from TeamBeachbody, you will pay $119.85 for the Base Kit and $239.70 for the Master Kit, which is a big difference.

It doesn't matter where you purchase your Tai Cheng from or which one you buy, it will come with a 90-day 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product for any reason. For me, the promise of increased health and longevity has no price, so it was well worth the money for me. Even without the money back guarantee, Tai Cheng's unique fusion of Tai Chi with contemporary functional movement training is a revitalizing exercise for the mind and body. It will transform your mental and physical health in profound ways.

Here's Just a Few Ways Tai Cheng Helped Me

After finishing this program, I now stand taller from loosening once-very-tight trapezius and back muscles, I regained pain-free mobility in a once-very-stiff left shoulder, and my constantly aching heel from an overpronation problem went away - not to mention recurring tendinitis in my right hip has not flared up since I began the program. And I am not Wonder Woman, I am a mere mortal. What Tai Cheng accomplished for me is not out of the ordinary - this is what it was designed to do. I know how much Tai Cheng was able to help me, so there is no doubt in my mind it can help you too regardless of your age and your background. It can help you live life to its fullest by helping you feel your best physically and mentally.

Through the religious practice of Tai Cheng, you really can awaken your body by conditioning it to function at the highest level by learning to move with less strain and accessing your body's entire range of motion.

Final Words About Dr. Mark Cheng

The Creator of Tai Cheng

Dr. Mark Cheng is a Martial Arts Master trainer with over thirty years of Tai Chi experience. He possesses a PhD in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, while working as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, licensed acupuncturist, and an expert in physical therapy-based corrective therapy.

Collectively drawing from his years of intense study and his acquired expertise, Dr. Cheng combines the elements of ancient martial arts with the wellness practices utilized by Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Then, he blended it with more contemporary findings from modern sports sciences and functional movement training to create the life-changing Tai Cheng workout program.

Has Low-Impact Martial Arts Helped You? Please Share Below.

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    • JimMcD profile image

      JimMcD 5 years ago

      Seniors who perform Tai Chi on a daily basis have a 40% reduction in falls than Seniors who do not . Quite an accomplishment in itself let alone all of the other benefits.