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Tailgate Party Grills Coolers Football Games Food Soccer

Updated on August 7, 2013

Tailgate Party Supplies

While football season has arrived, whether it is high school, college or NFL, one of America's favorite pastimes has become tailgating. Tailgating parties have become a ritual which is similar to any other party. What is needed of course is, food, drinks and other items to bring together a party "away from home". This classical get-together is a glorified outing on the go, and the more astronomical and more luxuriant, the better. You don't need a motor-home to produce a energized air, simply a well considered plan. You just need to sit down to plan your tailgating party and decide what supplies you need to bring with you. If you intend to do tailgating often, then consider a section in your garage devoted to a place to keep your tailgating supplies together and ready to go.

So here goes with some ideas to help you carry through a perfect tailgating party.

Portable Grills

Portable Grill Tailgate Party Food Football Games So You are going to plan a tailgating party for the next great game coming up. Since food is always an important factor in a party, and that's what this is, then make your choice wisely. Consider a favorite of yours that is easy to grill, that is that you enjoy cooking. Usually a great portable grill is the type of choice. Some can be put on a table, or others even come with their own stand. Some portable grills use charcoal, while others use propane. Choose whichever you like better.So what is a tailgate without a grill? You can buy an inexpensive, portable grill in charcoal or gas depending on your taste, but don't forget your grilling tools. These tools had better include a stainless steel BBQ spatula, a stainless steel knife (a serrated knife would also be of value!), also bring a basting brush, and BBQ tongs. A bottle opener is also a necessity! Your choice of food may be chicken, beef, hot dogs, ribs, seafood, or even grilled vegetables. The list is endless as to your liking. I would recommend deciding on foods that you love. Also try using your new portable grill at home at least once or twice before you do your tailgating party. This way you will know exactly how it works and cooks your desired foods.

Plan a Tailgate Party


Chairs coolers tailgate party favors football games When you pack your car or truck. don't forget to bring the lounge chairs, or folding canvas chairs. Whichever is your choice to be comfortable and whichever will fit in your vehicle best.You will perhaps like the types with little drink holders attached. That way you can put your drink in your team coozie and then put it in the holder on the chair. There are chairs of all sizes and shapes and colors on the market. They even come with team logos on them. If necessary, if you are having a very large tailgating party, tell others to bring their own chair of choice. Other items you could bring to show your team spirit and to make your party more fun and comfortable are, tents, cups, plates, utensils, banners with your team name on them, paper lanterns, and folding tables, table clothes, paper towels and of course garbage bags, along with any other fun things to enjoy.

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Portable TV

Tailgate portable TV football game party Well that's what you came for, right, to watch the big game! That's what a tailgating party is all about. So, with that in mind, Don't let yourself forget the Portable TV. An absolute necessity! You can search and find exactly what you like. They come in all shapes and sizes and types! You just choose what you want or find your best "deal"! There are satellite types which are quite good as they work in many different areas. Also tune your car stereo to local game coverage so that everyone can hear the pre-game interviews and keep track of the other big games that are going on that day. Then of course, nothing sets the tempo or defeats the mood at a tailgate quicker than a bad chosen song. Nothing gets your guests more pumped up for the game than listening to their song blaring out of your stereo speakers. Another good song that will get everyone pumped is "We Will Rock You" by Queen. It is always an all time favorite!

Don't Forget all Your supplies

Drink Koozies

Drink Koozies beverages tailgate party football game Beverages really might be the first matter you consider when you think of a tailgating party. Some of the more popular drinks may be beer, or sodas. These can be kept cool in a large cooler with lots of ice, and if you have an assortment of coozies or insulated drink holders, then your guests may be able to keep their drink cool. If you opt not to do beer or soda in cans, think about serving punch that can be kept in large containers or an ice chest or cooler and then you could serve it in paper or plastic cups. There are so many options for you to choose from. Ice tea is also an option in the warmer months, and coffee or hot chocolate are great ideas in the cooler months. Coosies are great for either warm or cold drinks. It is important to have plenty of water on hand also to prevent anyone from becoming dehydrated.

Probably, the most crucial supplies needed, are, food and beverages! Now the choice is yours as to what you choose to bring. However, Both of these very important items need something to keep them fresh, either hot or cold. Yes, that would be a "cooler" of some kind. There are many kinds on the market to choose from. Some are intended to keep foods hot, and some are intended to keep food and drinks cold. There are also those types that could do both, depending on which you need at the time. When you purchase a cooler, consider what you will need it for and purchase the best for your needs.

Do you Tailgate?

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