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Teacing Kids Karate | Fast and Easy Karate Lesson Planning Tips

Updated on March 8, 2014

Teaching Kids Karate - Fast and Easy Lesson Planning Tips for Instructors

If you are an instructor who is already teaching kids karate, you know the challenges of creating a lesson plan which not only keeps your students motivated, but keeps them coming back for more.

Are you losing students because they are bored with the same old drills over and over again? This was my problem. As an instructor and owner of my own karate school, I was desperate to find something that would help me keep the students I had and bring in even more business. That is when I learned an important lesson:


So, I found a new way of teaching kids karate that really worked! Here are the top 3 tips to create karate lesson plans that will keep your students coming back for more!

teaching kids karate
teaching kids karate

2010 Advice for Dojo / Future Dojo Owners

A book that helped my business

As we go into 2010, I wanted to talk about making this year your best business year ever. Whether you are making the transition from teacher to owner or you currently own your own martial arts schooI; I wanted to take a moment to recommend some reading material to you called Small Dojo, Big Profits. Switching up your martial arts drills is only one way you can keep students. This book really helped me to change the whole way I think about my business and helped me pull my Dojo out of the red and back into black. These are the top 3 things this book taught me:

How to run a Dojo on a shoe-string budget

Explicit instructions on how to choose a great location without spending a fortune on rent (this saved me a TON)

Student retention strategies that work for all styles and systems (based on principles, not procedures)

I would highly recommend that you pick up this book. It was the foundation for helping me to rebuild my business after everything else failed.

teaching kids karate
teaching kids karate


Fail to plan....Plan to fail

One of the easiest things you can do is to have your lesson plans ready to go in advance of your classes. My problem was that I was so busy with the business side of running my karate school, I'd wait until the last minute to plan my karate classes. This made my classes suffer - we did the same, boring drills over and over...week after week.

I learned that planning my lessons in advance was a key to making my karate lessons fun and interesting for my students. And on the weeks where I was too busy to plan things in advance, I was lucky to come across a program that helped make teaching kids karate easy.

If I was running behind - I didn't have to worry. I was able to chose from 20 ready-to-go lesson plans. It was so simple - it showed me what drills to do in what order to help keep teaching easy for me and interesting for my kids.

teaching kids karate
teaching kids karate


Knowing the difference between beginner and advanced drills

When creating a martial arts lesson plan you want to make sure you keep the age and skill level of your class in mind. You don't want to be doing intense katas in your white belt class! Choosing age appropriate karate drills can make or break your attendance.

My problem was that it was difficult to distinguish the difference in skill levels when you started to get to blue belt and above. The program I'd found earlier listed over martial arts games for kids which were fun and easy to implement. This really helped when it came time to create my karate lesson plans.

teaching kids karate
teaching kids karate


Stop your students from getting bored!

Studies have shown that the number one reason that students list for choosing to quit a karate class is bordem. Sound familiar? It does to me because I was in this situation. I was beginning to lose students and figured out that they were bored with the karate drills we were doing. The same ones..the same lesson plan template every week. BORING!

The system I found really helped me plan my lessons in advance and provided me with over 125 unique drills to help keep my classes engaged and excited about coming to classes! In fact, I found that once I changed my lesson plans, I was gaining new student referrals as well. It really made teaching kids karate fun for me too.

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