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Teach Youth Baseball Via Fantasy Baseball

Updated on September 1, 2011

Fantasy baseball is a way for individuals to compete against each other to see who has the best baseball decision making and managerial skills. Actually, Fantasy Baseball is the second-most popular of all fantasy games, trailing only Fantasy Football.

Not only is Fantasy Baseball a great way to learn about baseball, it is a way to teach them how to do our kids how to do research, evaluate options and make decisions.

With a little help from mom, dad or a sibling, kids can learn how to use the web keyword searches and search engines (like google) to find the information they are looking for. The internet search engines can help them to get a list of the best players in the game and then learn a little about how to use baseball statistics to evaluate players.

Fantasy Baseball requires a commitment, it goes from May and ends in October - that might be tough for the kids to deal with but they don't need to monitor it every single day.

You don't necessarily have to join a fantasy league, parents, siblings and friends can do it themselves. You can have them review the game results and have them update the fantasy league stats. What a fun way to teach your kids!

You can enjoy fantasy baseball with just your friends (private league - open only to invitees) or with other baseball fans (public league - no restrictions). The first thing that needs to happen in creating a league is to determine who the will participate. The players then hold a draft and act like major league managers and select their team members based on their own evaluation of talent. Once the teams are drafted the fantasy league is ready for opening day.

Fantasy baseball games are won/loss based on the statistics generated by the major league players game statistics for that day. The better a player does the more fantasy points are awarded. Winner's of a Fantasy baseball game are determined either by a rotisserie league Or a weekly head-to-head match up of two of the league's teams.

The team that accumulates the most victories over the course of the season. If it a head-to-head league the team with the most head-to-head wins, and that prevails in the fantasy postseason, is declared the league winner.


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