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Team Names That Will Make Your Competition Envious

Updated on July 2, 2018
ControlledChaos1 profile image

I have many interests and an inability to make up my mind about which one to focus on. That's how I came up with my name: ControlledChaos1.


Naming Your Team or Group Doesn't Have To Be A Chore

Deciding on a cool, yet creative name for your team or group doesn't have to be a chore. The list of suggestions found below will be a good place to start as it should, at the very least, get those creative juices flowing. The good thing about an article like this is that it can be used by all kinds of people. If you're interested in coming up with an awesome team or group name involving fantasy sports, gaming, school clubs, music, racing or any other activity where competition is present, you'll find this article useful.

Before you move on to what's below, let me take the opportunity to thank you for giving this article a chance. I plan on adding to it on a fairly regular basis, so be sure to check back every once in a while for more ideas, and never forget that competition is a good thing. Keep on playing!


Tips On Naming Your Team, Group Or Club

  • Write down your city, town or place of employment and then pair it with a single word to create an awesome nickname (Chicago Thunder, Salem Blue Jays, Milwaukee Billionaires, etc.).
  • Be sure to involve everyone in the group when choosing a name. It may take more time to come up with, but will also help build a stronger team.
  • Don't pick a nickname too quickly. Take a few days, or even weeks; make a list and then pair it down until you have a top five. Now vote (or draw from a bag).
  • Don't choose a name after a member of the group. Things may be fine at first, but jealousy and envy could erupt at any time. Feel free to name your team after a person that is famous (whether they be alive or dead) or well known for your teams activities.

Name That What?

What exactly are you trying to name?

See results

Cool Team Names - Ideas For Boys, Girls, Men and Women

5 x 5
Area 19
Equilibrium Oblivion
Hard Times In Paradise
Hot Mess
Locked and Loaded
One Shot Off the Lead
Muscle On Call
10 Footer
Rode Hard
After the Disaster
Twelfth Hardest
False Alarm
Just Clean Enough
10,000 Puffs
Chunk and Run
Too Much Danger to the Right
He and the Leaders
Third Bird
OK Angle
Old Colony
Black Jelly
Eleven Under
Just the Spin
Leaders In the Making
Pretty Chill
Twilight Union
3rd Shot
Zodiac Groove
One Last Good Drive
Chaos West
Waiting for the Green
Echo Chamber
A Different Lefty
Straight Tracer
Second Shot
Yellow Monster
Now Eighteen
Just Over 300
Three Wood
Hitchcock Thrill
Mystic Flowers
Red Velvet
Accidental Science
Sister Act
A Day Ahead
Into the Wilde
Science In One Ear
Moorhead Dragons
Desperate Times
Student Princes
Experts Being Benched
Tesla Theory
How Hard It Is
Plato and the Players
Fist Pump
Best Or Nothing
Grand Stages
Defined Logic
Right Spot
Big Cut
5 Khans
Can't Be A Garden
Old World Champions
Cloud 9
Royal Hornets
Savage Magnolia
Ithaca Lords
Red Bison
Black Knights
Laying In the Weeds
Building To A Showdown
New Century
4 Mavericks
Purple Cobras
Morning Drive
LV Lions
2 Trophies Too Many
Brockport Underdogs
Long Leaf
10 Speed
Advisor's Dilemma
First Inning Trouble
Not The Way That It Works
Daily Feed
Trouble Buddies
Sam Valley
Mission Benefit
Demons To Some
Final Round
Morning Takeaways
Little Bit Muddy
Greed Is Good
Clear Cut
Clockwork Red
Local Flash
Good Night John-Boy
Brick House
A Lot To Love
City of Lights
Reaction Show
Swan Song
Trout About
One List
How To Fight
Into the Rough
Max Candy
Marshmallow Wishes
Murder of Crows
Space Odyssey
Old Course
Seven Threes
First Group

Team Celebrate!

If you've got a really cool name for a team and win whatever contest you're a part of, then you can celebrate in any manner you want to. Boo-yah!

More Awesome Team Names For Your Consideration

Top 10
Quite the Shakeup
Been There Done That
Crunch The Data
Green Nightmare
Sun Devils
Doing Things Differently
Fun To Watch
4 Jedi
Raleigh Gorillas
Aggressively Stylish
Ichabod’s Warriors
Action at the Open
Slippery Rock Clan
Mean Green
Something Similar
Looking To Come From Behind
Electric Playmakers
Desperate Measures
All Hungry
Open For Business
Total Shift
No Favors
Hard Hole
One Shot at a Time
Nothing Worse
On To The Playoffs
Silver City Cottonmouths
Slow Rounds
On the Doorstep
Double Digits
Kiss My Wrist
Chances In the Wind
Talk to the Hand
Later Days
Pain in the Rain
Dig Dug
Low Drag
Complicated Day
Cool Cats
All Or Nothing
Out To Lunch
Gust of the Day
Major Factor
Stats Now
In The Mix
6 Buds
Not the Mammas
Mad As Hell!
Cool Beans
Up to the Minute
Arctic Monkeys
Everything In Between
Color by Numbers
Glow Worm
Diamonds On Call
Evil Ernies
What About Rizzo
Not The Way That It Works
Old Man Autumn
Road To Recovery
Desert Dawn
Summer Heat
Water Front
Mad Thinkers
Heat Wave
Revised Down
Front Four
Second Glance
Idea Mechanics

If Your Team Wins You Can Say This

I do not smirk. But if I did, this would be a good opportunity.

— Worf, Star Trek DS9
Victory! | Source

Team Name Ideas for School, Work, Gaming, Fitness or Sports

Errant Hills
Fortune Cookies
Red Leather
Abusement Park
Single Round
Who Do You Think You Are?
Stars and Scrubs
Dion's Doubters
Girly Things
Scared Hitless
Dream Killers
Fumble This!
Jack of all Trades
River Runs Suh It
Victorious Secret
Designated Driver
Barry's Bananas
Lefty Spin
Vicious and Delicious
Dynamic Trio
Hurt Locker
Pouncey's Bouncers
Winning Is My Forte
The Brown Noise
Alabama Kings
Pink Raiders
Vikings In Training
Sprain Training
Cleveland Hitmen
Draft Queens
Comfortable Breeze
Outlaws of Oakland
True Grit
Good Weapons
Hunt or be Hunted
Long On Guts
Bums In the Making
Kill Bills
Eifert Tower
Morning Woodhead
Pressing Your Luck
Stairway To Evans
Peyton's Place
The Walking Dez
Seek and Destroy
Devonta’s Inferno
For Whom Odell Tolls
Kings of the Tannehill
Dapper Dans
Mister Rodgers Neighborhood
Green Eggs and Cam
That’s Amari
Bye Week
Who We Thought They Were
Hustle and Flow
Kongs of NY
Flacco Seagulls
Crazed Dogs
Saved by the Bell
Small Tunas
The Chins
No Pryor Knowledge
Age Of Demaryius
Dude, Where’s Derek Carr?
Living On A Prayer
Nobody’s Burfict
Big Uglies
Discount Belichick
Laces Out!
Thirteen Starts
Off the Dirt
Solid Numbers
The Core
Nice Tomorrow
Saturday the 14th
Scared Hitless
Brewster’s Millions
Leads By Three
Shut Out
The Machine
Bump and Run
Blount and the Eagles
Dalvin and the Chipmunks
Trio of Love
The Touch
Watt's Happening
Purple Crayons
Cookie Monsters
Brute Force
Bear Necessities
Mamma Palooza
Marathon Men

Even More Creative, Cool and Unique Team Names

Golden Goldfish
Low Expectations
Oddjobs Only
Blame It On The Pigs
Founded By Fingers
Chasing Stones
Super Swish
On the Downlow
Super Energy Misery
8 of 9
Look at That Salad
50% European
Popeye's Pets
Cruella and the Dolls
Bald Turtles
Wonder Boys
Minimal Gains
Extra Holes
Timid Grizzly
Beverly Hill Divas
Sudden Decrease
Grip Confidence
Nice and Smooth
Housewives On Prozac
Weep Not
Downhill Runners
Two Shot Lead
Hard and Fast
Lego My Ego
Killer Pandas
6 Poinrts
Max Power
Swinging Well
Big Play
Screaming Castle
Chill Pill
National Level
Match Play
Hail Mary's

© 2017 Don

Are you part of a team that has a cool name?

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