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The best telescopic sea fishing rod

Updated on June 10, 2013

What telescopic sea fishing rod is right for you?

If you want to know the best telescopic sea fishing rod for your needs you have come to the right place. I, like many other sea anglers prefer to use two piece sea fishing rods, but there are times when it simply isnât possible to have a take apart fishing rod and the only solution is to use a telescopic sea fishing rod. One such situation is vacations, where taking a take apart fishing rod on an airplane is not possible.

A telescopic sea fishing rod doesnât have the same through action and feel of a take apart fishing pole, so it isnât as nice to use and play fish. That doesnât mean you canât have fun with a telescopic sea fishing rod though. You do, however have to make sure you get the right rod.

There are plenty of cheap and nasty sea telescopic sea fishing rods available, all of which are useless. There are, however, some very good telescopic sea fishing rods which are a pleasure to use and perfect for travel and vacations. Sorting out the good from the bad can be a challenge, but if you carry on reading you will soon see a telescopic sea fishing rod or two that is worth buying.

Telescopic sea fishing rod review - beach casting rods

If, like me, you prefer to fish from the beach and in the breakers the only choice you have is the beach casting rod. Beach casting requires a long rod to get the bait right out in to the waves therefore a beach casting telescopic sea fishing rod is the longest of all, and typically around 12 to 14 feet in length. Because of the overall length of the beach casting telescopic sea fishing rod it is relatively long when folded up. That said, a beach casting fishing rod when folded up is still small enough to pack in to a standard sized suitcase, although you will struggle getting it in a backpack.

Like every other type of telescopic sea fishing rod a telescopic beach caster does not have the same type of action as a two piece fishing rod and isn't as nice to use, but it will do the job and that is all that matters, right? Besides, beach fishing on vacation is all about being out there and doing it.

14ft telescopic sea fishing rod for beach fishing

I have to admit that I use a two piece beach casting rod for the majority of my beach fishing, however I do use a beach casting telescopic rod when I am on vacation and can't take my two piece beach casters with me. The choice of beach casting telescopic sea fishing rods isn't huge but there are a few models out there, and after some research and looking at other telescopic beach casting rods the one I chose is this 14ft 4" model from Gone Fishing USA.

At 14ft 4" long this beach casting rod is long and when you combine it with its strength, it is more than capable of flicking large sinkers a long way out to sea with ease. The build quality is very good and the rod is solid enough to land some pretty large fish. All the components, i.e. the eyes and the reel seat, are also well made and very secure.

This rod is supplied with a fixed spool reel, which is ok but not that good. I ended up changing the reel to the awesome Abu 6500C3 very quickly.

This is an 8 piece telescopic sea fishing rod that collapses down to 27 inches, so it is ideal for putting in your suitcase or backpack when you go on vacation, and this is the reason I bought this telescopic sea fishing rod.

This telescopic sea fishing rod isn't as nice to use as a two piece beach casting rod, but then no telescopic rod is. That said, this telescopic sea fishing rod is quite nice to use and it allows me to do some beach fishing when on my travels and that is all that really matters.

Telescopic sea fishing rod review - Spinning rod

If you like to salt water lure fish the best telescopic sea fishing rod you can buy is a telescopic sea fishing rod. A telescopic sea fishing rod is typically longer than a boat road and is usually between 7 feet and 10 feet in length.

A telescopic rod will never have the same type of action as a one or two piece fishing rod but the telescopic fishing rod comes very close, which I can only put down to the length of rod since the rod action of the short (and long) telescopic rods are no where near the same as a one or two piece rod.

A spinning telescopic sea rod is a versatile fishing rod that can be used for boat fishing and close range surf fishing. If you want an all round telescopic sea fishing rod to take with you on vacation my suggestion is the spinning rod every time.

Magusta telescopic sea fishing rod for spinning

As with all sea rods I do prefer a two piece rod as opposed a telescopic sea fishing rod however I appreciate two piece rods are not ideal for travel, so I will use a telescopic sea fishing rod when on vacation, and the Magusta telescopic spinning rod fits my needs perfectly.

Compared to other telescopic spinning rods the Magusta isn't cheap but then it is a quality piece of fishing equipment. I always think it is worth spending a little bit more on something that is decent in the first place. The Magusta telescopic spinning rod is the nicest handling telescopic rod I have ever used. Ii has a nice through action and the parabolic bend is super smooth. This Magusta spinning rod is tough, durable and very well put together, with a sturdy reel seat and strong eyes. This spinning rod will provide years of enjoyment, providing you look after it of course.

The Magusta spinning rod is sensitive for bite detection, but it also has a lot of power in reserve to make sure you beach those larger and harder fighting fish. The Magusta is available in a variety of different lengths from 2.4m to 3.6m so there is something for all situations.

This really is a top quality telescopic sea fishing rod and one I highly recommend for those times when it is not possible to have your two piece spinning rod with you.

Telescopic sea fishing rod review - Boat fishing rods

When you're out fishing from a boat a long rod is cumbersome and gets in the way, therefore boat sea fishing rods are short and often little more than 6 or 7 feet in length. A boat telescopic sea fishing rod is the smallest sea telescopic fishing rod you can buy and is very short once collapsed and folded up. A boat telescopic sea fishing rod will easily fit in the trunk of the smallest car or in a backpack. If you like to do a spot of sea fishing whilst on vacation a boat telescopic sea fishing rod will pack up so small you can even take it in the cabin with you.

If you can get away with using a short sea fishing rod on vacation I recommend a boat telescopic sea fishing rod over all other types of telescopic sea fishing rod purely because they are so light weight, portable and easy to carry.

A boat telescopic sea fishing rod isn't the nicest of fishing poles to use but it will do the job and catch fish, so it is the best compromise in the right conditions.

Okiaya boat rod

I have to admit I never use a telescopic sea fishing rod for boat fishing. In my opinion, the action of a one piece boat fishing rod is so much better than that of a telescopic sea fishing rod therefore I always use a one piece boat rod. Besides, a 5ft 6" one piece rod isn't too much hassle to carry around, although it is going to be difficult to get one of these on an airplane.

I have used a few different boat fishing rods over the years however my current boat fishing rod, the Okiaya "Slayer" rod, is the best I have owned and used to date. This is a super rod that is sensitive for bite detection but has enough backbone and strength to haul in any larger fish that take the hook. This boat fishing rod is very well made, tough and durable, and is nicely finished. I have to say that I am very impressed with this boat fishing rod and will not be changing it anytime soon, unless something un toward happens to it of course.

One of the best things about this boat fishing rod is the price. I find it hard to believe that you can make a boat fishing rod this good for such little money, but Okiaya have managed to do it. This boat fishing rod gives a lot of bang for the buck and is great value for money.

So would I recommend the Okiaya "slayer" rod? Most definitely, it is an awesome boat fishing rod that will help you pull out some real monsters.

Cleaning a telescopic sea fishing rod

How to keep your telescopic sea fishing rod like new

It doesn’t matter what telescopic sea fishing rod you own if you want to get the most out of it and make sure it lasts you are going to have to look after it. The sea air is salty, as is the water and, if left alone, the salt will ruin a rod. Similarly, if you fish from the beach small grains of sand can get in the rod joints and also ruin the rod. If you want to ensure your telescopic sea fishing rod provides years of trouble free service I recommend you do the following after each and every session.

Remove all of the telescopic sea fishing rod sections (unscrew the butt cap and pull them out from behind) and thoroughly rinse under a freshwater tap.

Wipe over each section and all joints with a damp cloth to remove any salt and/or sand residue. You also need to wipe over the handle and the reel seat to get rid of any salt or sand residue there too.

Wipe over each section and all joints with a dry cloth to dry off. Ensure all sections and the joints are completely dry.

Smear a little lubricant over each and every join (I find washing up liquid perfect for this) and try not to use too much. If you do use too much lubricant you won’t ruin your rod you will just make a bit of a mess.

Once the sections are clean and the joints are lubricated put the rod back together and store away for the next fishing session.

If you have any comments, thoughts or opinions please feel free to note them here. Similarly, if you know of any other top rated telescopic sea fishing rod and would like to share it please feel free to do so. All opinions are welcomed.

Your comments are welcome - Any raves or rants?

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