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Tennis Strategies To Easily Beat Your Opponent

Updated on May 8, 2011

Tennis Strategies Make Your Game Better

When it comes to tennis strategies both your physical game and mental game have to be spot on. You can play a great physical game, but if your opponent is able to psyche you out by playing a better mental game your game is lost.

In order to best your opponent you're going to need to utilize mental and physical strategies. For physical strategies you are going to have to keep your body physically fit to do all the running that the game requires. You'll have a practice certain drills in order to hit the ball correctly and place it where you wanted to go. You will also have to work on your footwork to be able to be where you have to be at a moments notice and also be able to hit the ball correctly.

Your mental strategies will require you to use your physical strategies at just the right time. Lets not get this wrong, you don’t want to over think. Like with the game of chess, you want this to become second nature so it is something you should put in your training routine. Mental strategies are a matter of being able to make good judgments calmly and in a balanced way.

In this Hub we will take a look at some mental and physical tennis strategies. This will hopefully get you started on the right track to winning a lot more of your games.

Tennis Strartegies
Tennis Strartegies

Physical Tennis Strategies

Physical tennis strategies mainly depend on your techniques and your fitness. You can’t play a good game of tennis if you are constantly out of breath or don’t have the energy to run for the ball when it’s hit to you. However, if you have the right techniques you won’t have to exert as much energy as someone without those techniques. For instance, some people think hitting the ball with a lot of power is what it takes to play tennis well. However, if you have a good swing and form you don’t need a lot power, it’s all in the technique.

Perfecting certain techniques can help you play a much better game. Techniques like playing the net. Playing the net will allow you to make a smash shot, which is one of the hardest shots to block. You can also stop the ball so that your opponent doesn’t have a chance to hit the ball before it hits the ground twice. But before playing the net you will first have to master charging the net.

Slicing the ball is a good technique to catch your the opponent off guard. It adds a nice twist to the ball. It does take good hand to eye coordination skills to achieve this. Your drives are other techniques that help progress your game. Whether it’s the forehand, backhand, left-hand or cross drive you need to know how to execute them correctly. Footwork will also play a big part in getting your drives right.

These are a few of the physical tennis strategies that should be worked on, some others include your body posture, shots like the volley, pick-up shot, chop stroke and more. Now lets look at some mental strategies.

Mental Tennis Strategies
Mental Tennis Strategies

Mental Tennis Strategies

Part of the mental tennis strategies is actually a physical strategy and that is exercise. Exercise not only keeps you physically fit but it also keeps you mentally aware and you will need that awareness in this game. Using that mental awareness will keep you informed on when, where and how to use your physical strategies. Also with mental strategies you can often defeat an opponent that has better precision and techniques than you.

One mental strategy that you might find most helpful is before a game take a few minutes to mentally prepare.  Whether that’s working out your strategy in you mind or listening to music to pump yourself up, find want works for you. When you are out on the court playing the game you must remember you want to psyche your opponent out not yourself. If you start to doubt yourself even for a second it could very will cost you the game. You don’t want to concentrate on not making mistakes you want to keep your head in the game. It’s all about staying calm and in control.

Staying focused is key to winning in tennis. By eliminating that pressure to win that naturally comes with any sport and focusing on playing the game you have just eliminated a big distraction. Making mistakes can be distracting. If you make a few mistakes and start thinking you can’t win then you won’t win.

Think about it, you’ve seen professional tennis players play and make some mistakes and get behind, but manage to rally from behind and win the game. That’s mental! Once you start thinking a negative thought you are on your way to making it true. If you keep your self-esteem high and stay focused you will be able to beat opponents that should be able to beat you.

These mental tennis strategies are actually very simple and easy to learn, but make a big difference in your game if you can master them.  

Learn More Tennis Strategies

There is of course a lot more to tennis strategies then time and space allows here so rather than have you scrolling forever click this link to discover some books that  will  take you much deeper into the strategies I talked about here.

These books are geared toward making you a better, happier and more winning tennis player. If you are a beginner tennis player check out this Tennis For Beginners Squidoo Lens for some beginner tennis information.

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