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The Basics of Proper Horse Care

Updated on August 26, 2014

Having a horse requires great responsibility on your part as the owner. That’s because you just can’t leave it around in the field. Of course it will survive out there, but you should give it the best possible care possible. Is it easy? No. Is it costly? Well, not everybody can have a horse as a pet so you get the idea.

Here are some nice little tips on how to properly take care of a horse.


1. Shelter your horse correctly.

Your horse should be in a paddock or what is called a small field or enclosure where it can roam and graze freely and safely. Ideally it should be fenced to keep it from going astray. The paddock can have grass or it could be of dirt. It doesn’t really matter because you will be providing the feeds and not just letting your horse rely on the grass for food.

2. Feed it right.

Your horse deserves the best fodder or feeds you can get for it. A good pasture grass is ideal but if there’s none readily available, hay will do just fine. It will be a great source of nutrition for your horse. The great thing about hay is it can be made available all year round. That means even if there’s no green grass growing in the field, your horse can have a steady and healthy supply of food.

Aside from food, don’t forget to give your horse plenty of fresh water. You can use buckets or automatic waterers for this purpose. If you’re going for a ride and you anticipate it will be a hot day, it will be a good idea to bring extra water with you to prevent the horse from getting dehydrated.

3. Use the right gear and accessories.

Without question you will be riding your horse and for that you will need high quality horse saddles. You will also need a bridle and a horse blanket. When installing them, make sure they are not extremely tight that will make the horse uncomfortable. It should be tightened just right to keep it in place to prevent yourself getting into any accident while riding.


4. Groom it properly.

A clean horse is a nice looking horse. It is an important part of horse care. As common practice, you should groom your horse before riding it. Aside from keeping it clean, it is also a good opportunity for you to get a closer look at your horse and check for any skin or general health conditions.

Horse grooming involves brushing the mane and tail, having the hooves picked and also checking its teeth.

5. Give it enough exercise.

Don’t just keep your horse in a paddock for weeks on end. A horse should be given enough exercise to let it run. Take your horse for a ride perhaps once or twice a week. If you’re planning to go on a longer ride, make sure you take a break to let your horse drink and rest for a bit.


Get out and ride!

There you have it. These are the basics of taking care of your horse. You will get better with it as time goes by because only your experience with your horse can truly make you the master of your hoofed friend.


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