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The best bass fishing lures

Updated on May 28, 2013

The best bass fishing lures to increase your catch rate

The best bass fishing lures will help you catch more bass, period. You can use natural bait to catch bass however the best and most exciting way of catching these awesome predatory fish is to use lures. There are loads of different lures available and the range is vast. Walk in to any bait shop and you will be presented with hundreds, if not thousands of different lures and the choice is over whelming.

How do you go about finding the best bass fishing lures? Different fishermen have different opinions on the best bass fishing lures however there are certain lures that will catch bass when all other lures fail.

If you want to know what the best bass fishing lures are then check this lens out. Whilst I have many different types of lure in my tackle box the ones below are the ones I use time and time again, and they never let me down. They truly are the best bass fishing lures available.

Strike King Bleeding Bait Mini-King Spinner bait

Spinner baits are hardly the most natural looking baits available, but boy do they catch a lot of bass. I don't know whether it is the vibration and rotation of the blade that attracts the bass, or the visuals of the large rubber head but whatever it is these baits will catch on many occasions when other lures don't. Spinner baits are an excellent mid water lure and are best retrieved at a smooth and steady pace. Spinner baits are another type of lure all anglers should have in their tackle box and these are the best ones I have come across.

Storm Wildeye swim shad 03

Swim shads are a mid water lure that all anglers should have in their tackle box. At 3 inches in length these swim shads are a strongly made lure with a realistic look and a soft rubbery feel to them. These lures move naturally and are often catch fish when other lures fail. These lures are supplied in packs of three, which makes them great value.

Berkley Gulp Sand Eel 5"

There are times when the bass are hogging the bottom of the lake or river and the only way of catching them is to drag a lure along the river bed, and this is where the sand eel lure comes in to its own. Sand eels are excellent bait for bass and this artificial sand eel is no different. This is an excellent lure that is made out of 100% biodegradable materials that leaves a natural smelling scent that attracts fish and encourages them to bite. This artificial sand eel also moves in an enticing and natural way which will help you bag more bass.

Cotton Cordell pencil popper lures

All anglers should have at least one popper lure in their tackle box, especially when trying to catch bass early morning and late afternoon/early evening. A popper lure relies on the "pop" sound and the disturbance it creates in order to entice bass to bite, therefore a good popper should be loud and create a lot of disturbance, and that's exactly what these lures do. These lures are strong, well made and have very sharp hooks which ensures the bass don't escape.

A great bass rod!

Best rod for bass fishing
Best rod for bass fishing

The cheapest way to buy bass fishing lures

The most economical way of buying the best lures for bass is to buy them in multi packs and there are a few advantages of buying them in bulk. Firstly, buying in bulk is cheaper so you will save some money. Another advantage of having multiple lures is it gives you a chance to swap the lure to entice the bass when you are struggling for a bite. Another advantage is that having multiple lures means you have other lures to put on the line if you get snagged up and suffer a line break.

Below are some top quality multi pack lures that are well worth buying.

Panther Martin multi pack

Panther Martin lures are known fish catchers. These lures are tough, durable and often cach bass when all else fails. If you are looking for some great value lures check these out.

South Bend Lunker bass spinner kit

Spinner baits are an excellent bass lure and this lure kit made by South Bend is no different. These lures are not only fish catchers but they are also durable and built to last. If you want some great value bass lures these are well worth a look.


Panther Martin best of the best

Here we have another multi pack of Panther Martin lures, which many consider are the best ones currently available. All of these lures catch bass, amongst other species of fish. Like all Panther Martin lures these are well made and contain super sharp hooks that will ensure your prize catch doesn't escape.

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    • profile image

      fishfast41 3 years ago

      Excellent selection. My personal favorite is the Rebel Wee Crawfish crankbait. It has scored many a river bass (and other fish) for me.