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The Best Exercise Equipment for your Home

Updated on November 17, 2012

Exercise Equipment

Exercise is one of the most important activities for a person seeking a healthy and productive life. Through routinely and actively pursuing an exercise regimen, you are helping your body maintain its fitness and health. It is also important to consider using exercising equipment to better get results that will help you stay fit and healthy. There is a lot of different exercise equipment available on the market today. It can be just the thing you need to really maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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Why Exercise?

Let's look at the importance of good exercise equipment and how to choose the best equipment from literally thousands of models on the market today. Exercise machines have always been a part of any exercise regimen for centuries and have proven their purpose and worth. There are many types of exercise equipment on the market to choose from. You cannot buy all of it, so it is practical to choose the equipment that's best for you. We will look at how you can find the best exercise equipment for you by following these simple and helpful steps. But first we must ask: what are the major types of exercising equipment out there?

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, the sales of exercise equipment have gone up considerably. Exercise equipment provides an easy and comfortable alternative to pursuing a sustained exercise regimen outside your home. One of the reasons why exercises are not that popular for many people is that most exercises involve a considerable amount of time and also the need to enroll in work outs and gyms to get the pointers on how to do exercises correctly. Using the indoor exercising equipment available today, anyone can easily be an exercise enthusiast. The ease of comfort of using this kind of equipment is what makes these machines popular worldwide.

The Treadmill

The treadmill has been one of the most well-known types of exercise equipment ever since its invention. It offers a great way to do walking and running exercises in the comfort of your own home. This is the reason for its almost universal acceptance by various health conscious organizations, exercise enthusiasts and athletes alike. The treadmill is definitely a mainstay in every gym or workout center in the world. There are many kinds, styles and designs of treadmills today but they are all similar to the original design.

Technology and an increase in medical knowledge have developed the treadmill even further. Today, treadmills have state-of-the-art computer programs that enable them to recreate the resistance felt when running uphill, downhill and against wind. They also incorporate monitoring devices that deliver information on your step count, mileage, heart rate, blood pressure and much more. The treadmill is always the first thing you should think of if you are looking for one of the best and most famous exercise machines.

The Indoor Bicycle

The next famous type of exercise machine is the indoor bicycle. This is a fun and healthy way of doing cycling exercises indoors. As the epitome of all exercising equipment, the indoor bicycle allows people to continue following their biking routine even if the climate and weather outside is not that favorable for activities. Having the ability to continue an exercise regimen in this way is very helpful in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Not only does the indoor bicycle provide a good alternative for biking outdoors when the weather is unfavorable, it is also essential for people living in urban areas. The hectic pace of urban life and the energetic to and fro of countless numbers of vehicles makes outdoor biking not only impractical but dangerous, not just because of the threat of being struck by cars but also because of the presence of air pollution. When exercising, you breathe more rapidly and deeply, so if you are exercising in an urban setting you inhale pollution much faster, which may cause debilitating diseases of the lungs.

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The indoor rowing machine

This is one of the more recent exercising machines gaining popularity today. The allure of rowing and its strenuous nature have made this type of exercise a favorite of many extreme athletes seeking an extreme full body workout. However, due to the relative danger present in rowing, especially in rapids, this sport is not suitable for everybody. Exercise equipment designers have made a new type of exercising machine that incorporates the strenuous rowing experience into an indoor machine. This has quickly become a favorite machine of exercise enthusiasts. The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is one machine to consider.

The all-in-one exercising machine

This type of exercising machine is a fusion of different exercising machines into single, compact and handy piece of equipment that will provide a complete workout for anyone. This gives the trainer all the exercising equipment he or she needs to accomplish his or her goals. There are many different types of this all-in-one exercise machine; one example is an indoor bicycle with an attached treadmill and a weight lifting bench. This is gaining popularity because of the number of functions it can provide and it also occupies just a small space. This is perfect for apartments and other cramped places where bulky exercise machines are impractical.

How to find the best exercising machine today

When searching for the best exercise machine, you must first look for machines that will fit perfectly with your needs or with your current exercising regimen. Next you should ensure that the best functions are included with the machine. There are various functions now available on most exercising machines. One is resistance levels which provide you with better workout results. You can recreate how biking or running uphill feels with a simple switch of a button. There are also recreational functions available with these exercise machines. Ports that allow Mp3s to play while you exercise provide a fun experience. These are some of the methods for finding the best machine for you. No pain, no gain is a cliché used by exercising enthusiasts, but as modern technologies are always improving, exercise is becoming less pain, more fun and more gain!


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