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5 Best Indoor Bicycle Trainer Stands: My 2015 Picks

Updated on January 13, 2015

Indoor Bike Trainer Stands: 2015 Reviews and Comparisons

A lot of people are tempted to purchase a stationary cycle, just like you'd find at a gym. They're a great workout and all, but they can be heavy, cumbersome, take up a lot of space in your home, and most importantly, they are expensive. Indoor bicycle trainer stands are a cheaper and more portable solution, and you probably have most of what you need already. They work with your bicycle, providing you with an effective and very easy indoor workout.

The best indoor bike trainer stands are portable, small and light, and very sturdy when in use. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, but the basic premise is the same: the trainer lifts up the rear wheel or both wheels from the ground, allowing you to pedal in place. You get all the exercise benefit of a bike ride without having to leave the home, wear a helmet or deal with hills and traffic.

This lens is all about the best indoor bicycle trainers, stands and rollers. We'll do a review and comparison of several of the most popular offerings and configurations, and hopefully it will help you narrow down your options. If there are any pros or cons of a particular type of bike stand, we'll be sure to mention it in each review. Let's get started!

Different Kinds of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands

There are several different varieties of indoor stationary bicycle trainer stands, and each has its own unique advantages and drawbacks. We'll go over each kind here. Most indoor bike rollers, trainers and stands will offer some kind of variable resistance, allowing you to increase or decrease friction for a better workout.

  1. Stationary Indoor Bike Trainer Stands:

    These stands are very simple, yet ingenious. They work by elevating the rear wheel off the ground and giving it something to roll against. The stand clamps onto the two rear axle nuts on the wheel, and hold it about six inches in the air. The tire itself rests against a rolling tube, which gives it a bit of natural resistance. These things are very portable, requiring very little space and doing an admirable job. They are quite heavy, and they're tire you out quickly.

  2. Indoor Bicycle Rollers:

    This kind of bike trainer involves rollers on the rear, front, or both wheels at once. Rather than being held in the air by the axle nuts, this kind lets the wheels sit naturally on the ground. As you pedal, the rear wheel spins on rollers. This provides a very natural riding feel. These trainers are usually a bit larger than trainer stands, but they offer a great feel and the balancing that road riding requires. Think of these as treadmills, but for a bicycle.

CycleOps Wind Indoor Bicycle Trainer Stand

A high tech bike stand trainer with great features

The CycleOps Wind is one of the best indoor bicycle trainer stands available today, and it's popular with customers, being a best-seller. With great technological innovations such as the built in variable wind resistance (which mimics real road riding conditions), and noise reduction technology, this trainer stand is smooth, quiet and perfect for riders of all skill levels. It's small and portable, and rated for up to 300 pounds.

RAD Cycle Max Racer Indoor Bike Stand Trainer

An inexpensive, popular indoor bicycle trainer stand

This RAD Cycle indoor cycle trainer / stand is a great option, mostly because the price is low and it reviews really well. It has an internal magnet that increases resistance as you pedal and shift up, with seven levels or rsistance available to you. It folds flat for easy storage, and it is stable and very strong. I consider it one of the better bicycle trainer stands for indoor use because it's one just about anyone can afford, and it does a good job. It's not as silent as fancier models, but it's not that loud either. If noise doesn't bother you, this is a prime contender.

Minoura RimDrive Bicycle Trainer

A super quiet, high quality indoor bike stand trainer

The Minoura RimDrive bicycle trainer is an indoor option for anyone worried about excessive noise from knobby tires (mountain bike owners, this means you!). By contacting rubber spinners against the rim instead of the tire, there is way less vibration, resistance and noise, making your exercise easier, more quiet and more comfortable.

Minoura is a high end producer of indoor bike trainer stands. The RimDrive is a premium product. It has 5 resistance levels, and can handle a lot of weight. It's more expensive, but the quality level is much higher with this top notch cycle trainer stand for indoor exercise. It folds up and it's very portable.

Elite Parabolic Indoor Bicycle Roller

Realistic road feel and balance with this indoor bike roller trainer

This indoor bicycle trainer uses rollers instead of a stand system. This means that you're required to balance while you ride, just like on the road, but it also means you get a much more realistic riding experience.

You are not bound in one place, giving your muscles a more dynamic range of motion. It can support an optional front stabilizer if you prefer it. This indoor bicycle roller uses sealed cartridge bearings to ensure long life and smooth, quiet operation.

CycleOps Aluminum Indoor Bike Roller W/ Resistance

Lightweight indoor bicycle roller trainer with variable resistance levels

This is another great product from CycleOps. This aluminum indoor bicycle roller provides dynamic range of motion while being light and convenient.

You can increase your resistance as you ride for a more challenging workout, using a silent magnetic system. The aluminum rollers run smoothly and very quietly, and it folds flat for easy storage. Enjoy a 'real road' feel, with all the balance and movement that it includes, and prepare your legs for the tarmac.

Other Considerations:

When buying an indoor stand trainer for your bike

Even the best indoor trainer bike stand doesn't compare to the on-road experience. It's impossible to match the dynamic sort of workout a full ride with hills, stops, starts and terrain can offer. However, they're a nice option if the weather outside is ugly or there is some other reason preventing you from leaving the house.

Before you buy one, you may want to consider your plans for it. Where will it be stored? Many models will fold up, or they'll be small enough to stash in a spare room. You also might want to consider where it will be set up when you ride.

You should also get one that's most comfortable for you. Some indoor cycle trainer stands will review well, but require balance that not all riders are comfortable with. It's important to understand exactly how it works before you jump in.

Other Great Cycle Trainers for Indoor Exercising

Would you use a bicycle trainer stand for indoor riding?

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