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The Best Magazine Fed Paintball Guns

Updated on October 18, 2014

The Most Realistic Tactical Paintball Guns

In scenario paintball, players enjoy the adrenalin of military style missions played on an open course in a natural setting. For the most lifelike experience, authentic camouflage clothing and tactical gear are used for full immersion in the scenario. Armed with realistic replica paintball assault rifles and machine guns, players organize themselves into platoons and tactical teams to carry out their missions. Regardless of the scenario, woodsball players will all agree the more realistic their equipment is, the more lifelike and fun the game is.

According to most scenario paintball connoisseurs, magazine fed tactical markers are the most realistic guns on the field. Gone are the days of cumbersome hopper throwing off the balance of a precision paintball sniper rifle; not to mention detracting from the fierce appearance of an otherwise perfect military replica gun. Magazine fed paintball markers are fed paintballs through functional 18-20 round magazines just like the real thing. Approach these guns with caution however as some brands tend to be more reliable than others. Keep reading to learn what to look for and which brands produce the best magazine fed paintball guns.

Pros & Cons

Advantages Of Mag Fed Guns Far Outweigh Disadvantages

Switching from a 200+ round hopper to a 20 round magazine means you will run out of ammo and have to reload much more often. However most players agree the realism of having to carry numerous magazines and popping them in and out in the middle of battle is worth it. Camouflage tactical vests are available with pouches designed to carry numerous paintball rifle magazines and make it easy to carry many rounds. You can also get clips that attach two magazines together for double the ammo capacity and easy fast action reloading. The magazines of most of these realistic paintball rifles are also hard on fragile paintballs; magazine paintball markers must use paintball ammo with fairly firm shells. Fortunately, this type of ammunition is often the cheapest to buy, however an important detail to note if you don't want to deal with the mess of balls breaking inside your gun and mags.

Milsig Magazine Fed Markers

Top quality for a price...

One of the best brands of magazine fed paintball guns is Milsig. This company produces some of the most reliable and realistic tactical markers in the game. These paintball markers are powerful, accurate and extremely sturdy. Milsig magazine fed guns also come in numerous different styles including several M4 carbine replicas, assault rifles, paintball sub machine guns and precision sniper rifles.

While these guns are probably the best quality you will find, they are also the most expensive. Milsig markers come from Canada and their high price tags cause most paintball shops to order only when requested, rather than stock them. This means even if the Milsig gun you want isn't back ordered (which is very common), it's still going to be weeks for it to be built, get through customs and arrive in the states. Overall, if you're willing to pay for the best, Milsig magazine fed paintball guns are worth the wait. Currently, there are no trigger upgrades for Milsig markers either. This means these realistic replica machine guns cannot be upgraded to fully automatic.

T68 Mag Fed Paintball Guns

Realistic however proceed with caution...

The T68 paintball gun is produced by Rap4 and was one of the first M4 carbine replica magazine fed tactical markers. Rap4 has created hundreds of different styles of the T68 making it readily available for any position on the field. These guns are also very customizable with many easy to install accessories readily available. The T68 also features a 'Split Fire Dual Feed' system allowing the gun to be fed from either a removable 20 round magazine, 200 round hopper or both. The system can be switched back and forth in the middle of a game by simply turning a small dial located behind the hand guard.

While the T68 is generally much more affordable than a Milsig marker, these guns are perhaps the most fickle and problematic. Over the years, Rap4 has taken the T68 through several generations of upgrades, with each one getting better, however problems still abound in many of their rifles. Considering this, Rap4 offers excellent customer service and covers their T68 with an amazing 5 year warranty. While T68 magazine fed paintball guns have some cool features, these markers are a gamble with quality and reliability.

468 Magazine Fed Paintball Rifles

The latest & greatest tactical markers...

Improving on the misgivings of the T68, Rap4 has recently come out with one of the best magazine fed paintball guns in history, the 468. This gun is slotted to eventually replace the T68 as there is even a 468 upgrade kit currently available. The receiver of the 468 is another M4 replica however beautifully crafted and of competitive quality with Milsig. Besides incredible realism in appearance, weight and balance, the 468 boasts to be the sturdiest tactical paintball gun in existence. This magazine fed marker shoots consistently and accurately even after severe torture testing including being dropped from a 3 story building, run over with a truck and submerged in water.

Not only is the 468 a top quality magazine fed paintball rifle in both appearance and performance, it was built to be compatible with Dmags, the latest in magazine technology. The Dmag is a type of magazine made of much lighter, sturdier and yet cheaper materials, making it much less expensive if you lose or break one. Dmags are also compatible with the incredibly precise First Strike sniper paintballs as well standard .68 caliber ammo. If you’re looking for a reliable, realistic magazine fed paintball machine gun that’s highly upgradeable, the 468 is an excellent purchase and well worth the money.

Hybrid Magazine Fed Tactical Markers

The most reliable paintball guns - now magazine fed...

While there are several brands of magazine fed paintball guns that were designed only as this, there are other brands of guns that are excellent quality, however hopper fed only. Fortunately, there are now magazine conversion kits available that will effectively transform the hopper fed marker to a magazine fed gun. The magazine conversion kits are easy to install, very affordable and available for all Tippmann and BT Combat paintball guns. Magazine conversion kits allow for awesome reliable markers to become even more realistic and turned into incredible replica assault rifles and machine guns.

The first of these awesome hybrid magazine fed paintball guns have proven their worth in both performance and realism. The MK5 is the marriage of the reliable Tippmann A5 paintball gun and the Tacamo magazine conversion kit. Even more spectacular is the MKP magazine fed gun; this is the hybrid when you cross the Tippmann X7 Phenom with the Tacamo magazine conversion kit. These guns offer the reliability and customization possibilities of top brand name markers and the realism of a functional magazine feed. Tacamo conversion kits are available through Rap4 dealers with hybrid markers coming soon for Tippmann 98, US Army Series and BT paintball guns.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      You forgot the tiberius t15. Put that at the top.

    • DLevesque profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @carmatecheng: Awesome! I'll be contacting your company to see if we can strike up a deal; then let's add it to the list! Thanks for your input.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      this is on the best MagFed paintball guns? The Made in the USA Carmatech Engineering SAR12 should be on this list. It won two sniper competitions already in its first year of being available!


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