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The best gear for the Frontman position in paintball

Updated on October 25, 2014

The Best Gear For the Paintball Frontman

There are several different positions you can play in a game of paintball; the Frontman, Midman (Floater), Sniper and Back player. Each position has a different role to play to help the team accomplish it's mission. The Frontman, for example, is the most aggressive position on the team as far as movement is concerned; he will be the player that actually physically captures the opposing team's flag. Read on to learn the Frontman's role in the game and what equipment is best suited for him to be most effective.

Planet Eclipse Ego10
Planet Eclipse Ego10

The Paintball Frontman's Favorite Gear

Using the right gear for your position gives a huge advantage!

The Frontman is the most forward position on the paintball team and sees the most action. In a speedball match, the Frontman hardly stops running, however ends up shooting very little (compared to the other players); considering this, it would be wise for the Frontman to carry very light gear and few paintballs. This position's primary role is to move up the field, darting from bunker to bunker to eventually capture the opposing team's flag. He will cover the most ground and be the most active during the game, so his paintball gear should not weight him down.

Considering his position on the field and his objective, it's common for the Frontman to have to sprint, dive, slide and roll frequently during a match. His paintball gun should be extremely light, small, easy to wield and super sturdy. Since the Frontman also generally uses the least amount of ammo, he will also use the least amount of air for his gun; so he can get away with using only a very small air tank. This will also significantly lighten his load. This means he will also require the least amount of paintballs; a fast enough Frontman should only carry very few paintballs. Depending on how long the match will last, a good enough Frontman will only carry what's in his hopper or perhaps only carry one or two extra pods of paint.

In competition speedball matches, most Frontmen use the higher end tournament style paintball markers. These guns are the lightest and fastest in paintball; often accompanied by electronic loaders that speed things up even more. Excellent examples of paintball guns commonly used by Frontmen are the Planet Eclipse Ego10, Dangerous Power Fusion Fx or the Dye NT. These are the latest and most expensive tournament style markers. You can also get nearly the same performance level you want by using similar guns but the next price level down or the previous years models. Examples of these are the Dye DM10, Planet Eclipse Ego9 or Etek3 and the Dangerous Power G4.

Whether you play speedball or woodsball, the main thing to consider for the Frontman position's paintball marker is how easy the gun is to run with, fire and wield while maneuvering. For scenario paintball games, frontmen often use tactical paintball markers dressed as sub machine guns or even a tactical paintball pistol. Great examples of these guns are the 468 M4, Tippmann 98 Crossfire CQB or MilSig's PDW SD II Custom sub machine gun. Some Frontmen go into battle with only a tactical pistol, such as the Tippmann TPX or RAMX50. It's an extremely confident frontman who carries such a limited amount of ammo to the front lines of a war game, however these experts exist.

These advanced players may use a tactical pistol with only one extra magazine (carrying only 9-10 rounds) as their main weapon. They might also choose a magazine fed paintball marker (468 or MilSig) with no extras or only one more magazine to fight with. The advantages of this strategy is traveling light - with barely a small firearm and the shirt on their back, they are free to move quickly and unhindered. The disadvantages are obvious and risky… being caught without ammo can be death sentence in any paintball match.

Another great sub-machine gun marker to consider is the T68 SMG. This gun is light, accurate, reliable and easy to move with. The T68 SMG is magazine fed (eliminating the cumbersome hopper) and also features the Flexi-air system. This is an internal routing of the gun's air system so the air tank will fit inside the buttstock. This will free your gun up from a heavier, external tank, making your gun smaller and much easier to move with. This is also another advantage of using a paintball pistol; the CO2 cartridge is carried within the handle of the gun, lightening your load. It's also advantageous for the Frontman's marker to be able to shoot very fast. One way to do this is to make sure your paintball marker has an electronic trigger. These triggers usually offer several firing options including semi-automatic, 3 round burst and fully auto. Most high performance tournament paintball guns comes stock with e-triggers, however most tactical markers only come semi-automatic. Electronic triggers are considered upgrades for these guns and usually run ~$100, however the price is worth it for the benefits they offer.

Another easy way to speed up your paintball gun is by speeding up the loader. Frontmen shoot faster by speeding up how fast paintballs are fed into their marker. This is done with an electronic loader; these reservoirs not only store your paintballs but shoot them into the gun with a tiny motor. These paintball gun accessories are lightweight and make a huge difference, greatly improving the performance of your marker. For a great selection of paintball gear specifically for the Frontman position, check out Excellent selections of paintball sub-machine guns and high performance tournament style markers can be found at discount prices. There are also many accessories to choose from that will enhance your Frontman experience even more.

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