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Transform & Upgrade Your Paintball Gun!

Updated on November 15, 2014

Don't Get Bored Of Your Paintball Gun!

Sure you've had your trusty Tippmann 98 Custom for a long time now and perhaps it has lost its luster after many battles. Remember how excited you were when you first got it? It's easy to revive the relationship between you and your first love - upgrade your marker with a mod kit! Paintball gun upgrade kits are the easiest and cheapest way to not only change the way your gun looks but also make it more accurate and powerful. Upgrade kits are packages of parts put together to give your paintball gun a specific look or feel. Mod kits are available for most brands of both competition and tactical paintball markers however the best selection are for military replica guns. Paintball gun upgrade kits are easy to install and affordable to buy.

Paintball Gun Upgrade Kits Are Cheaper & Easier!

Save money buying parts & upgrades in a package deal...

If you want your paintball gun to have a certain look but aren't sure where to find all the right parts, an upgrade it is the way to go. Paintball parts packages will contain everything you need to completely transform your gun. If you want to turn your marker into a custom sniper for example, an upgrade kit with a lengthy rifled barrel, sniper scope, bipod and all the right mounts will keep you from having to guess what to get. Avoid the trouble of sending back the wrong part when you buy an upgrade kit that comes with accessories that are all compatible. Upgrading your paintball gun with a mod kit is also the cheapest way of improving your gun. Prices for parts packages are often much cheaper than what buying the parts separately would cost. Most upgrade kits for paintball guns are very affordable; making it possible to turn your marker into a completely different animal much cheaper than buying a brand new one. Most kits offer much variety as well - you can transform most paintball guns into realistic sub machine guns, M4 carbines, assault rifles & accurate sniper paintball guns.

How To Choose The Best Upgrade Kit For Your Paintball Gun

It's fun to shop for upgrade kits because it's like picking out a new outfit for your paintball gun. Decide what you want your paintball gun to look like and buy a parts kit to fulfill your custom creation dreams. Just make sure the custom look you choose will match the position you play on the field and help you perform the best. If you want to try your hand at a different position on the field, use an upgrade kit to transform your marker to best suit what you will be doing. If you want to play the front man position or scout, choose an upgrade kit that will turn your marker into a paintball sub machine gun. As this position is constantly on the go and mostly battles in close quarters, make sure the kit you choose keeps your gun lightweight, easy to wield and fast on the draw. A Carbine with a short/mid length barrel also works well with this field position.

As mid-field players or infantrymen should not only have a paintball guns that can accurately fire from the mid range of the field, they should be ready to take over a downed player's position; whether it's forward or back. This means their paintball guns must still remain lightweight but also have a farther shooting range to reach from the backfield if necessary. There are many upgrade kits available to transform your marker into an M4 carbine, M16 or various assault rifles. Choose a kit that also includes some type of red dot scope, for precision kills from a farther distance. At some point in your paintball career, do yourself a favor and try the sniper position; your experience will not be complete without this. Fortunately, there are many sniper upgrade kits available for nearly all brands of paintball guns. They are easy to install and will transform your marker into amazing looking sniper rifles with nearly expert range and precision accuracy. For the best sniper paintball gun, choose a kit that has a lengthy (18"+) rifled barrel, bi-pod and some type of longer range scope.

How To Get The Best Deal For Paintball Gun Parts Packages

Most paintball gun upgrade kits are very affordable, costing between $75-$400 with the more expensive kits containing higher value and more accessories. Overall however, paying for an upgrade kit and still using your old marker is much cheaper than buying a brand new gun. Depending on the kit you choose, most mods packages are affordable enough to purchase several at a time, offering you several gun choices on the same marker. Some scenario players carry at least one upgrade parts kit with them during their game. Most of the parts in upgrade kits are fairly small and can easily be carried in a backpack or tactical vest pouches. Imagine being able to change your gun into a completely different tactical marker on the field as the need arises! While playing the scout position, you happen on terrific vantage point for sniping your enemy - transform your gun into a precision sniper by simply attaching a scope and twisting on the sniper barrel you've been carrying in your pack. Carrying a few extra paintball gun parts with you like this can make your game much more interesting by offering so much variation.

No matter what brand of paintball gun you have, you will get the best quality parts for cheapest price by shopping at our store, Choicepaintballguns. We have one of the largest selections of paintball gun upgrade kits on the internet. We have parts packages for nearly every major brand paintball marker and sell them for extremely affordable prices. Our online store is secure, easy to navigate and packed with great information and ground breaking deals.

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