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The Biggest Problem With Baseball

Updated on April 8, 2012

In 1960 Major League Baseball had a 154 game schedule. Any sensible person would say that's more than enough. But no they added 8 games and have stood by that for over 50 years. A 162 game schedule? Completely overboard. The first 40 games of the season will pretty much eliminate 10 teams from having any chance. The next 40 games will eliminate 10 more teams from contention. Then the last 10 teams left need 40 more to battle it out for playoff spots. Thats a 120 game schedule. Absolutely perfect. 42 games every baseball season are irrelevant and that is why more so than any other reason people are often overheard saying "baseball is boring". No it is not boring. The season is just TOO DAMN LONG.

And besides boring fans it is the reason so many players suffer injuries during the last 42 games and during the playoffs. They are simply WORN OUT. Spring training in february? In case anyone didnt know february is not spring. And the world series in november. Its bitter cold in many baseball towns in november. I suggest spring training start in march. Then the regular season start around april 15 and last till the end of august. The playoffs could then run through september and the middle of october. Such a no brainer. Fans would pay much closer attention to the standings and that would certainly result in greater attendance. Who cares about going to a home game on a given night when theres 80 more to choose from.

And compare the schedule to that of pro basketball. The NBA plays 82 games which is a full load for any athlete of any caliber. Baseball plays TWICE AS MANY. Not only that but almost without exception a baseball game is always longer than a basketball game. The grind on a baseball player is enormous. Under my proposed scheduling every ballplayer would get 4.5 months completely away from baseball. That includes those in the world series. And how excited can any baseball fan be over the new season when the old one just finished 3 months ago. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Baseball people don't get that.


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    • brandonvand profile image

      brandonvand 5 years ago

      i did not forget anything. i am well aware that money has ruined professional sports. so each team loses millions of dollars. so what. thats gives them a reason not to pay these guys more than theyre worth. the texas rangers payed scott feldman over 4 million dollars in 2011 and he pitched in 11 games. you wanna talk losing money? then lets talk scott feldman

    • texastrek profile image

      texastrek 5 years ago from Belton, Texas

      Interesting proposal. I still think a basketball schedule would be harder on an athlete. There's a big difference in constantly sprinting back and forth across a basketball court for a couple of hours and sitting in a dugout or standing in the outfield for much of the game. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Astros fan (maybe why I don't see much action in baseball), but there is definitely not as much action as in other sports. Football on the other hand, is non-stop action. It's no surprise a football schedule is so much shorter.

    • GamingCowboy profile image

      GamingCowboy 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Errr, you are forgetting the number one reason why baseball has so many games.


      If you cut 40+ games, each team will lose millions of dollars. That is the single biggest reason why the MLB, NFL, and NBA will never willingly cut their seasons.