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The Brilliance Of The Between Quarters Interviews

Updated on August 14, 2012

You're watching the Spurs play the Mavericks. At the end of the first quarter commercials come on and when the broadcast resumes you see Craig Sager, or any other completely irrelevant employee of TNT or ESPN, ask Gregg Popovich a question something along the lines of "Coach, Dirk had 12 points in the first quarter. what do you do to slow him down?". First of all Gregg Popovich should have no obligation to speak to anyone other than his team from the moment the game starts until it concludes.Secondly any reply Popovich gives will be completely obvious to anyone who has ever had any understanding of the game of basketball.

Possible answers could include 1)We need to prevent him from getting the ball or 2)We are going to double team him or 3)We are going to switch defenders on him. No one watching is going to be any better informed after the question than before. Then there's the inevitable follow up question. "Your team had 6 turnovers in the first quarter. how do you limit those in the second quarter?" That question just lowered my iq ANOTHER 50 points. Come on I shouldn't even have to tell those reading this that the follow up question is just as pointless as the original question. And how can you refer to two questions as an "interview". When's the last time you interviewed for a job and the employer only asked you two questions? THATS NOT AN INTERVIEW. GET OFF THE COURT AND LET THE COACH DO HIS JOB. You know the NBA and NCAA must think that they're taking fans "in the huddle" where no fans have gone before. No what you are really doing is annoying the coaches and players to the point of having absolutely zero respect for the media.

About the only time anything memorable happens during an in-game chat(noticed i avoided the word interview) is when the words or actions are inappropriate. Erin Andrews asked Bruce Pearl "What has Memphis done to Chris Lofton in the first half?" His answer included grabbing Erin to show her and the audience just how Chris Lofton is being grabbed by Memphis. Of course everyone is going to be extremely offended by such actions but let's face it......if you're going to ask stupid questions Erin then the least Bruce Pearl can do is give an answer that doesn't offend the audiences intelligence; even if it does offend viewers on another level. Erin should do something useful with her life. I dont know, like play by play for the Spurs. Bill Land bores the hell out of me.


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