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The Eastern Shore Casting Calls

Updated on November 22, 2014

Eastern Shore Casting Calls

The casting calls for a new year of recreational fishing for me starts around the end of February if its not still extremely cold. I start my season at Wye Mills every year when yellow perch start to group up and move to produce offspring or "spawn".

The Casting Calls

Yellow Perch Fishing At My First Fishing Spot

Casting Calls Fishing Tips:

  • Recreational fishing for yellow perch has become somewhat traditional in Maryland.Yellow Perch attract many anglers as the first fish to "arrive" in the rivers after the cold weather starts to break through the end of winter and beginning of spring.
  • Most Yellow Perch are caught in the late winter months February/March while on their spawning run in the upper tributaries where they are easier to catch.
  • Yellow perch are an important sportfish in Maryland(especially in the Chesapeake Bay area and Deep Creek Lake) inhabiting a vast territory and a wide variety of habitats.They are a schooling fish and usually congregate near shore in the late winter/early spring.
  • My tackle of choice is a small light tackle rod(between 3 to 6 feet) and a bucket and aerator to keep them alive(I find them tough to clean when they die).

My new year of recreational fishing starts around the end of February if its not still extremely cold. I start my season at Wye Mills and/or Hillsboro every year when yellow perch prepare to group up and move to produce offspring or "spawn". I usually take both artificial and live bait. Yellow perch are attracted to both, and usually you have to get a feel of what the fish is taking(biting)at the time. My favorite baits include Grass shrimp on a small shad dart, but some anglers use minnows, nightcrawlers, grubs or fish with a variety of small artificial jigs and lures. If the temperature is steady(around 40-50 degrees or more). I strongly recommend A trip to Wye Mills and/or Hillsboro for some relaxing yellow perch fishing.Hope to see you and exchange techniques when"Casting Calls".

Out Of The Fryingpan Into The Fryer

The Many Ways Of Cooking Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch are table fish or (pan fish) meaning they can be scaled, gutted and the heads removed for cooking whole, or filleted.To prepare my Yellow Perch as well as most fish, I usually Fillet, bread it,and fry it up in a frying pan with olive oil or canola oil.Some may choose to use a deep fryer to fry up their Yellow Perch.I have been to a number of fish fries that use this method. Baking or grilling fish are very healthy ways to cook your yellow Perch,because it is a perfect way to get large quantities of fat to drip off the fish.There are tons of herbs and spices you can use to season and/or marinate your yellow perch. Whether baked,broiled, or fried it doesn't matter how you cook your Yellow Perch.When its all said and done your fish will come out tasting delicious whether "out of the frying pan or into the fryer".

If It Fits In A Hand Drop It In A Pan! - A List Of Pan Fish Species.

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