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The History Of Animosity: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

Updated on July 4, 2010

It's not only about a football match between two clubs, It's much more beyond football!

El Clasico is the nickname of the big football match between the two ultimate rivals in Spain Real Madrid and Barcelona. The two clubs are the most successful clubs in the country. this match is one of the most followed and watched football matches in the world, it is watched by millions of people in many countries.

A very Special Event!

When we see a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, surely we will know that this meeting is beyond the borders of sport, up to politics and more, this meeting has always a distinct taste, certainly what happened to the Portuguese star Luis Figo in the Camp Nou in 2002 was not only because of sport.

This game has many names, some call it the battle, others call it the revolution, and there are some people call it the discount night because the winner of the match is often the winner of the league.

But there are reasons why this match is different from the match between Manchester United and Chelsea and the match between Bocajuniors and Riverplate, the reason refers to the mid-thirties of the last century, when the dictator Franco took the rule of Spain.

Politics Was A Reason

Franco made the people of Catalonia taste various kinds of suffering and pain, he declared war on the region and also declared war on Catalonia's capital Barcelona, because he said that Catalonia is the settlement of criminals and evil, of course he said that because most of his opponents were from Catalonia.

The government of the dictator executed one of the most famous poets in Catalonia Luka Alvarez, who opposed the rule of Franco and his policy.

Franco tried to steal identity of Catalans, by preventing the their language and preventing their flag, which we see it now as the captin logo of Barcelona's captin Carles Puyol.

Also he prevented the national ditty of Catalonia to terminate the Catalan identity, but he missed these orders because this increased the hatred of the people of Catalonia over the unjust king.

The Royal Club!

Madrid FC was the name of the club founded in 1902, three years later the club won its first title after defeating Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish Cup final, becoming the most successful club in the country. The first Spanish football league began in 1929, Madrid led the league until the last match, losing to Athletic Bilbao made them finish second to Barcelona that year.

While the sons of Catalonia and their club were living the pain of attempts of taking their identity, Real Madrid was in a great unprecedented condition, where king Alfonso XIII gave them the royal slogan in 1929, then when Franco took the rule he treated this club in the best ways, and he gave them all what they want as the royal club, and thus the victory of Barcelona over Real Madrid was an unforgettable night, Barcelona describes this night as the defeat of Franco's club. the loss of Real Madrid caused grief to Franco, and joy in the hearts of Catalonia's people


Barcelona Football Club was founded in 1899 as a football club based in Barcelona, Catalonia. The club quickly emerged as one of the best clubs in Spain, competing in the Campeonato de Cataluña and the Copa del Rey. In 1902, the club won its first trophy, the Copa Macaya, and also played in the first Copa del Rey final, losing 2-1 to Bizcaya.

Barcelona Club is to inspire and motivate the fans to demand secession from Spain, but in spite of all the difficulties faced the people of Catalonia, they have built the Camp Nou which is the pride of Catalonia, they built it during the rule of Franco. despite the passage of years, Catalonia's club didn't forget what happened, and Franco's team became their archenemy.

In 1936 Franco killed the president of Barcelona Josep Suneol who was the Counsel of the province of Catalonia, journalist, politician, and president of FC Barcelona.

after the killing of the president a new chapter begins where there was a person called Enrique Pineiro, Franco's associate, appointed chairman of Barcelona in 1940 until 1942, prevented Barcelona anthem and removed red and yellow colours from the logo.

Shame Game!

In 13 june 1943 Barcelona was one goal ahead over Real Madrid when Spanish police and Franco's army broke into the change rooms during half time rest and threatened Barcelona's players to kill their families if they didn't let Real Madrid win the match, at the end Real Madrid won 11 - 1 over Barcelona, then the Spanish football association canceled the result from their records.

Stealing Of Di Stefano

Barcelona had agreed with Riverplate club to sign their outstanding player Di Stefano in 1953, but before the signature, Santiago Bernabeu exploited the situation and reached an agreement with the player to join Real Madrid, the Spanish football association rejected the request from Real Madrid to the registration of the player in the fact that Barcelona had an agreement with him, and decided that Di Stefano will play in Spain for 4 years, first 2 years in Barcelona and the other 2 years in Real Madrid, Subsequently Barcelona waived the player for Real Madrid after pressure from many sides.

Top 9 "Traitors" In The History Of The Two Clubs

The rivalry has also been strengthened between Real Madrid and Barcelona top players who have defected to their arch-rival. Those players were the stars of there clubs and then they turned into the rival side, some people consider it normal or professional, but in the eyes of every fan of the clubs, those players are traitors, and that is what the fans call them.

1- Ricardo Zamora : Spanish goalkeeper at Barca- to Madrid in 1930

2- Bernd Schuster : German midfielder at Barca- to Madrid in 1988

3- Gheorghe Hagi : Romanian Striker at Madrid- to Barca 1994

4- Michael Laudrup : Danish midfielder at Barca- to madrid 1994

5- Luis Enrique : Spanish striker at Madrid- to Barca 1996

6- Luis Figo : Portuguese striker at Barca- to Madrid 2000

7- Ronaldo : Brazilian striker at Barca- to Madrid 2002

8- Samuel Eto' : Cameronian striker at Madrid- to Barca 2004

9- Xavier Saviola : Argentinian striker at Barca- to Madrid 2007

Head-to-Head Numbers Language - all-time results to 2010

Here we see that the rivaly is not just football, it is the policy of oppression, hunger, blood, love, loyalty and belonging.

In every game in Catalonia the crowd post a large banner that says:

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