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The North Face Backpack I'll Never Get Rid Of

Updated on August 15, 2017

I've owned my the north face backpack since June of 2006. I've literally taken it all over the world with me. I've been to China, Canada to name a few places with it. I've been through rain and snow with this backpack. I've carried really heavy stuff in to too for sure. Even though I've tortured the bag and used it a lot, after seven long years its still strong and in tact and in great condition. The surge II backpack is one of the newer versions compared to mine however, there are some similarities.

So what's the Surge II Daypack all about?

The Surge II bag is specifically designed to hold your laptop and any tablet you may own. This is on the back compartment of the backpack. In there there are two slots. One to the back for your laptop and another slot for the tablet of course. This bag is somewhat of an upgrade to mine. My bag just has a slot for a laptop. On the side of the backpack there is a compartment for your adapters and different plugs along with a pouch to hold your drinks. There's of course the front compartments where you can store whatever you choose. I use mine primarily for travel so I store clothes. I can get up to 6 to 7 changes of clothes easily in my backpack if I really stuff it. If you're a student, you could also use this for school. I'm sure there are other logical uses for the north face back pack that I haven't mentioned.

Photo Gallery

My Lucky The North Face Backpack with dimensions of 23"x 17"x 9"
My Lucky The North Face Backpack with dimensions of 23"x 17"x 9"


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