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The Very Best Tanto Tactical Knife

Updated on September 6, 2014

Get Tactical with Your Tanto Knife Shopping

Your quest for the best tactical tanto knives starts and ends here, as we're about to highlight the best tanto knives money can buy -- and the very best deals available!

Tanto knives have become very popular since Cold Steel made them famous in the 1990s, take elements of the traditional samurai sword and incorporating them into a rugged, lethal design used by Navy SEALs, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and people just like yourself.

Cold Steel wasn't just the pioneer of the modern tactical tanto blade -- they're also the maker of all the tanto knives we'll be highlighting here, each of which gets glowing reviews on Amazon.

Why Buy a Cold Steel Tanto Knife? - Take your pick: rugged, dependable, and field-tested

Tanto knife
Tanto knife

Every single Cold Steel tanto knives Cold Steel knife is made with one goal in mind: using the very best materials to make a superior knife that will absolutely never fail or let you down.

Fans of tactical knives are drawn to tanto blades for numerous reasons, with the unbreakable tip designed to pierce nearly anything while the thick blade and engineered grips let you use it in any situation without fear of losing your grip or snapping the blade.

Cold Steel knives use the very best materials and designed by knife freaks for knife freaks -- as well as for anyone in the field who needs a dependable knife that just flat-out works no matter what you throw at it.

Fixed blade tanto knife
Fixed blade tanto knife

Fixed Blade Tanto Knives

You'll have the choice between fixed blade tantos and folding tanto knives, but it's hard to go wrong with either.

All the fixed blade tantos featured here come with a sheath and offer a variety of designs, including lightweight models stripped down to the bare essentials as well as more rugged models such as the Cold Steel GI Tanto Knife, which is one of the best selling and best reviewed knives on the entire planet.

Fair warning: most people don't stop with just one tanto knife, so consider yourself warned that this may be the beginning of a very large knife collection!

Folding tanto tactical knife
Folding tanto tactical knife

Folding Tanto Tactical Knives

If you're more of a folder knife fan -- or your job or role means you need a handy folding knife instead of a fixed blade -- then Cold Steel has those bases covered as well with some great tantos such as the Cold Steel Mini Recon 1 Tanto Tactical Folder Knife.

All these folders feature the trademark tanto blade design (and all the design benefits you get from it) but in a convenient folder design, with many using some of the best grips you'll find that hold up in any weather conditions.

Which Tanto Knife is Your Favorite?

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