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Tips on How to Find Accommodation in London

Updated on May 4, 2014

Finding Accommodations in London

London is often regarded as the capital of the world. It is bustling city with people coming from all over the world. These people have different socio-economic backgrounds, races, and colours, but they all have assimilated to make this great city as one of the most culturally diver city on planet Earth. The biggest challenge for tourists and visitors to this great city, however, is finding an accommodation.

Even though London is not costliest city of the world, yet at any given time accommodation is considerably expensive. Finding a place to stay In London is the first priority for tourists, international students who are going to London for higher studies, and people in general who are going to stay for a short time or longer in London.

Round the year, London attract millions of tourists from all corners of the world. Many of them come for a short stay while some stay little longer. However, London is so massive a city that it can accommodate this huge influx of tourists, overseas students, and business people and professionals from all over the world round the year. Finding a place to live in London, however, can be time-consuming for a new comer to the city. But, if you follow some tips given below, you will find it much easier to find the best place to live in this great city.

Tips on Finding Accommodation in London

London is a great city to live in whether you are going there to study, start anew career, attend a business trip or enjoy a pleasure trip. London is always full of tourists. But, London is so huge that finding a place to live in is not really at all difficult. You can choose to stay in an apartment, share house or flat share, hostel, holiday and short lets, and hotel, depending on the purpose of your trip to London and your budget or preferences on the whole.

The best way to find accommodation in London is to look at as many real estate office windows as possible to find what they have to offer. But, you cannot just look everywhere. The best thing to do is choose the borough or neighbourhood you want to live in. Then talk to the real estate agents directly in person inside their offices. They will show you as many of their properties as they can based on your preferences and price range.

They have all types of offerings for you, even for a short stay. There are tens of hundreds of estate agencies in London. You will find them almost everywhere in every neighbourhood. However, you should choose the medium and small ones when it comes to looking for accommodation. They will not rip you off. You must bargain for a desirable deal though.

Another popular and convenient way of finding accommodation is searching through window advertisements. You will find these adverts on the shop windows of local corner shops and small groceries or departmental shops. There is something for everybody on these advertisements. You can contact the landlords or landladies or the advertisers directly over phone. They will not delay to turn around to show you the properties you are interested in.

An excellent option of booking accommodation is through web site. It is the best free online source to find accommodations in London. However, be aware of scam advertisements and making any payment online in advance to book a place to stay.

You can use search engines, particularly Google, to help you find many reliable resources online that provide information about accommodations in London. Some websites or companies online also have extensive and latest listings of rentals, hostels, and other types of properties.

And the Final Words

When searching for accommodations in London, make sure you look for what meet your requirements. Use more than one resource to find a place to live in. London is very expensive when it comes to real estate. So, have a realistic target and be prepared to make a quick decision once you have found things right because if you do not, you may end up looking around forever and not be able to find the best deals.


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