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25 Free Things to Do at the Park

Updated on July 9, 2015

Fun with the Family

With a park or two in town, how can anyone complain that they’re bored or have no money to do anything? With so many things to do at the park, it’s a wonder why we don’t frequent them over something that costs a lot of money!

We should all be grateful that there’s still free things to enjoy with our families and friends, and getting out into nature certainly wouldn’t hurt!

Having a list of things to do at the park is a good way to make sure you can be there all day long with nonstop fun! If you fun and free, then read on!

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Things to Do at the Park

Team sports: Parks are a great place to meet for a good game of kickball, flag football, soccer, or whatever you find there’s room for!

Follow a nature trail: Nature trails are a lot of fun, whether you’re alone or with others. Find some trails and follow them to see what kinds of nature you will run into! Try not to stray from the trail!

Have a picnic: There is no better place on this Earth for picnics than a nice, open park! Find a green field, lay out a blanket and all the goods and you have yourself a good time!

Read a book: Looking for a bit more leisure? Bring a book and find a comfy place on a bench to get carried away into your novel!

Bird watching: Being in the great outdoors on a sunny day means birds, and lots of them! Keep a list of all of the ones you saw, and try to determine which birds make which noises!

People watching: Being at a park means there’s probably lots of people around! Just watch some of them, their antics will have you doubling over in laughter!

Nature hunt: Grab a bucket and take a stroll around the park to see what kinds of interesting things you can find to take home! Pretty rocks, pine cones, uniquely-shaped pieces of tree bark, fossils, and so on. You never know what you’ll find when you look!

Scavenger hunt: Make a list of items for everyone to find and send them on their merry way to complete their list!

Climb trees: Parks often have some really good climbing trees, so take advantage of the views!


Play on the playground: Have kids? This is a given. No longer a kid? Relive your youth! Play on the swings, go down the slide, crawl through some tunnels. You won’t be disappointed!

Photography: Take your camera or your smartphone along with you because you never know what animals you may see! If you’re bringing some kids, this is something you won’t want to forget anyway!

Make nature bracelets: This is a fun activity for kids and adults. Take a piece of tape that is long enough to fit around your wrist (packing tape works best!) and stick pretty leaves, flowers, or whatever you find to the tape side, then put it on! Be sure to leave space on the ends for the tape to stick to itself!

Meditate: In need of some deep relaxation? Find a quiet and peaceful place to meditate!

Go for a jog: Parks are one of the best places to go for a jog with all of the beautiful scenery around!

Yoga: Yoga is another great way to relax while you exercise, and when done in a nice place such as a park, it makes it that much more relaxing!

Fly a kite: If you are visiting a park with a large, open field, kite flying is definitely a great option! Free if you already have a kite, otherwise you can find kites for cheap from a dollar store.

Play frisbee: Frisbee requires a large space to really get a good game going, and a park is where it’s at! Get a few friends involved and a few frisbees cruising around!

Fly paper planes: Everyone has paper! Color some and then make some airplanes for a really pretty airplane flying!

Have a water war: Hot day outside? Cool down with water! Water guns, water balloons, spray bottles, and whatever else you can use to make water a weapon!

Do homework: Having a hard time focusing at home? Parks are a great place to relax and bring your college work with you! Take along your laptop and you’re all set!

Bring your dog: Bringing your furry companion is a way to ensure the park will be a good time no matter what! Don’t forget his toys!

Crocheting: If crocheting is your thing, take it to the park!

Explore history: Parks are often located in very historical areas, so if your park is, be sure to learn about the history there!

Marvel at the clouds: Lay on the grass and stare at the fluffy, white clouds above. What pictures can you see?

Clean up: There’s far more people out there who carelessly drop their trash on the ground than those who take a few minutes to pick some up. Be one to volunteer to keep your park looking nice!

You should now be ready to take on the great outdoors for some park and field fun! What’s not to love about doing free things at the park? Getting in that sun so your body can make vitamin D is another great perk of playing outside, so soak it up, sunshine!

What's your favorite thing to do at the park?

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