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Throat Microphones

Updated on October 13, 2012

Throat Microphone Has Many Uses

Throat microphones are a tool used by law enforcement agencies, HAZMAT, the military and paintball players around the world. These microphones allow users to stay in contact with each other while remaining hands free.

Because the sensors of throat mics are directly in contact with the throat, a loud voice is not needed to be heard clearly, making these products perfect for noisy environments or the paintball battlefield.

The microphone for most communication systems is based on traditional acoustic induction from sound waves in the air. The throat mic separates the environmental noise from voice via a non-traditional method of sound induction through the vibrations of the throat. The throat microphone's transponders picks up the voice signals from the vibrations in the users' necks, rather than from the air.

The result is clear communication direct from the throat to the microphone.

What Are Throat Microphones

Wikipedia Article

Throat microphones, also called laryngophone, are a type of microphone that pick up sound directly sensors directly in contact with the neck. Because of this design, it is able to pick up speech in loud environments, such as on a motorcycle or in a nightclub, where other types of microphones would not function well because the speech would be drowned out by background noise.

This type of microphone is also able to pick up whispers and works well in an environment where one has to keep quiet while communicating with others at a distance, such as during a covert military operation or scenario paintball match. Throat microphones were also extensively used in World War II era aircraft and by German tank crews.

Newer single-element designs are available that make the throat microphone much more comfortable to wear than earlier units. Additionally, these next generation of throat microphones provide varying outputs and frequency responses to accommodate a wide variety of communication devices such as digital and analog portable radios, Tetra & P25 systems, & cellular phones.

Throat microphones are very useful in loud environments or when respiratory protection is required. Many full-face SCBA, SAR, SABA PAPR or re-breather masks do not have a provision for a microphone inside the mask. The throat microphone can be used safely as it is positioned outside the mask's face seal and as such does not compromise the respiratory protection provided by the mask nor does it violate mask approvals and certification.

Throat Microphone courtesy of Wikipedia

Throat Microphone

Throat Microphone
Throat Microphone

Throat Microphones on Amazon

ICOM HS97 Non-Waterproof Throat Microphone for ICMM7201
ICOM HS97 Non-Waterproof Throat Microphone for ICMM7201

Non-waterproof throat microphone for ICMM7201.

3M Peltor MT9HTM06 MT Throat Microphone and Earpiece Combination
3M Peltor MT9HTM06 MT Throat Microphone and Earpiece Combination

The MT Series Throat Microphone/Earpiece Combination is ideal for use with respirators. While being lightweight and comfortable, the earpiece is still fully adjustable.

- Ideal for respirator communication

- Lightweight, compact design

- Earpiece is adjustable for different ear sizes

- Throat microphone includes adjustable neckstrap with buckle snap

- Optional version with earplug available for higher noise situations

Stryker Lite Throat Microphone
Stryker Lite Throat Microphone

Introducing the latest revolution in Throat Mic technology - The Striker Lite! With its unique design and added features, the Stryker Lite is the next generation in throat microphone technology.

Improving on the previous single pickup throat mics, the All NEW Stryker Lite incorporates a new high quality acoustic ear coil for added comfort and performance TRUE dual transponders for voice clarity, thicker coil wiring for durability and safety, and a water resistant and user friendly PTT button.

The Stryker Lite eliminates all of the ambient noise from communication allowing for a crisp and clear transmission even at a whisper. The New and Improved Stryker lite is an unbeatable value.

The Stryker line of throat mics are throat microphones that use a method of induction that picks up voice signals through vibrations in the neck. The result is clear communication without any background noise from the environment.

The Stryker Lite utilizes a technology concept previously used by the U.S. military. Under extremely loud conditions such as combat missions, Airsoft, paintball and as an aviation headset.

Secret Service Throat Mic - Noise canceling - VOX
Secret Service Throat Mic - Noise canceling - VOX

Secret Service Throat Microphones bring unsurpassed clarity, ruggedness and affordability to law enforcement, military, paintball and active sports.

Designed for comfort, this communications system delivers outstanding sound quality and discreet interaction, making it mission essential.

The Secret Service Throat Microphone has an acoustic air tube and provides the best comfort for extensive use on long operations. It is made of soft rubber so that is almost unnoticeable notice while wearing it.

- Noise canceling provides clearer audio even in noisy environments

- 3 optional listening devices

- Optional remote PTT for special operation

- VOX compatible for hands-free communication

- Adjustable throat strap for secure and comfort

Throat Microphones
Throat Microphones

Xbox 360 Throat Microphones

Throat microphones have started become a popular addition to video game accessories. Now you can really get into your Call of Duty games with these throat mics for the Xbox 360.

Cod: Modern Warfare 2
Cod: Modern Warfare 2

Comfortable, lightweight and featuring integrated volume/mute controls, the noise-reducing microphone ensures crystal-clear sound quality throughout all your online gaming sessions.


Share your personal experiences about using a throat mic.

Would You Use A Throat Microphone? - Throat Mics

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