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Tiger's Disgrace Six Years Later

Updated on October 5, 2018


I originally wrote this article back in 2009. Boy, how time flies. It is now the middle of March, 2015. Tiger Woods is still making headlines, but certain things have changed. Here's part of what I wrote back in 2009:.....

Fame and fortune failed them.

An athletes' fall from grace. It's sad, but happens way too often. Tiger Woods fall from grace may be the most surprising of all.'

'Dwight Gooden of baseball fame had a sterling career in The Big Apple and then fell prey to drugs and alcohol. Ohio State's Art Schlichter was a first-round draft pick by the Indianapolis Colts and his addiction was gambling that led to an insurmountable debt and led him to lead a life of crime. Schlichter recently had a federal judge sentenced him to nearly 11 years in prison for scamming participants in what authorities called a million-dollar sports ticket scheme.. Then there's Mike Tyson, a boxer who caused fear in opponents just by mere mention of his name. He served jail time for rape and had multiple incidents of domestic violence when he was married to actress Robin Givens.'

'We also have Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Sammy Sosa, Michael Vick, Mark McGuire, Roger Clemens, Pete Rose, Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez and OJ Simpson.Aaron Hernandez, formerly of the New England Patriots was on trial for murder. Yet while in prison for this crime, he committed suicide. They had advantages in life that most of us only fantasize about. Yet, they threw it all away.'

Be vewwy, vewwy quiet...I'm keeping a mistress while married!


Once upon a time.

Tiger Woods. He and his father became an American dream come true. Tiger's talent was unparalleled in golf. He had a squeaky-clean image and a tremendous work ethic. We all felt his pain when his father passed away. His marriage to Elin Nordegren was a fairy tale coming alive. A young, handsome, rich golf pro adored by millions of people gets married to a young, beautiful woman from Stockholm Sweden. They have two young children, a girl and a boy.

Why might his fall from grace eclipse all others? Because he was recognized around the world. His name elicited images of responsibility, candor, principle, confidence and trustworthiness. That is why all the companies that signed him to be a spokesman, wanted him. Beyond being a wizard on the golf course, he was a loving son, loving husband, devoted father and a civic-minded creator of a foundation serving disadvantaged children.

Public opinion is fickle and putting athletes in the position of role models has existed for many years. Now, here's some interesting things that have happened to bring to light how things turned out for Mr. Woods.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren finalized their divorce in August of 2010, less than a year after the golfer’s secret cheating life was exposed. After the National Enquirer published a report detailing Tiger’s meeting with Rachel Uchitel in Australia, more than 10 other women came forward claiming to have had affairs with Woods.

When he turned pro in 1996, none of this was even remotely imaginable. Sure, he has more PGA tour victories than any other active golfer. But what will ultimately be his legacy? Only time will tell. No matter what the future holds, he can never repair the damage he did to his status as the most admired golfer of all time.


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