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Tiger Woods’ Recipe for Success is Marinating

Updated on June 16, 2012

Tiger Woods has all the ingredients to make history and catapult him back to elite status; but does he have what it takes now to propel him to the top after all he’s been through? His well-documented divorce, the vast array of women, numerous injuries, adjustments to his game, with the public not behind him anymore, - and one tidbit lost on many – the death of his father; spilled over in Tiger’s life and it was spiraling out of control.

Losing his father, Earl Woods, in 2006 is rarely mentioned in the Tiger Woods soap opera saga. Father’s Day is approaching and he just won the Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial Tournament. It seems he’s coming back to form and there’s no better time than now to revert back to that excellence – on a day we show gratitude to our fathers. We give praise to the Dads who have been there for us, provided for us, protected us, and steered us through the right path. I’m sure the memory of Earl Woods isn’t lost on Tiger.

But that’s just one motivating factor among many that should keep Tiger from simmering down. Time heals all wounds, and Tiger has more of it now that he’s single. He can focus solely on golf - driven towards greatness with a chip on his shoulder from all the people doubting him, jokes about his infidelity, the sponsorships lost, and most of all - the hit his reputation took. He has something to prove and he wants the world to know that you’re about to witness redemption in its finest form. He has to be careful though, to behave with class and not with angst; golf is after all – a gentleman’s game.

Now Woods may not be a saint and his personal life gone wild revealed a side of him which was highly surprising; considering the fact that most of America thought he was a goody two-shoes. But Tiger Woods is not the only athlete who made mistakes and he definitely won’t be the last. He’s human who is a highly publicized figure and reinvented golf the way Michael Jordan did with basketball. Temptation was everywhere and he got lost in it. Under a lot of scrutiny and in a marriage that should have never been consummated, he buckled. This probably wouldn’t have happened if his father, Earl Woods, was around.

Earl Woods is responsible for introducing the game of golf to his son by laying a foundation for him which every father ought to do. Tiger’s inspired play of late is a great way to honor his dad with Father’s Day on the horizon and to show appreciation to him now for helping him become who he is today. My father is an avid golfer and Tiger Woods is his favorite player. I have the utmost respect for my father and he admires Woods' golfing ability immensely. After all the onslaught of negative press, my Dad still roots for him - and because of that, I will too. We all deserve second chances and if you don't respect him as a person that's fine, but you have to respect his game. Now let's see if Tiger can stay atop the food chain.


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    • CCahill profile image


      6 years ago from England

      Well written, Could do with Some images or Video tho


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