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Teepee Tent

Updated on May 14, 2015

Tipi Tents For Camping

One thing I don't like about campgrounds is that all the tents look alike. Yeah, some are big and some are small, but they all have the same basic shapes and the same basic colors. But not these tipi tents!

These teepees stand out from the crowd and will give you the totally cool factor, especially while camping in a crowded campground. Plus, they're larger than normal tents, so you'll have a lot more room.

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How to set up this teepee tent

It's super easy to set up these teepee tents. Instead of messing with multiple poles in multiple lengths that have to go in specific holes, this tent just has one pole. One! How awesome is that?

To set it up, you just lay the tent out flat and stake it to the ground (using 10 of the included stakes). Then use the pole to raise the center of the tent. Once the center is raised, all you have to do is attach the rope supports to the other 10 stakes and you're done!

Ozark Trail 20-person 23' Round Teepee Tent
Ozark Trail 20-person 23' Round Teepee Tent

If you're having a big gathering, this tipi tent is perfect for you. It'll hold 20 sleeping adults, I imagine it'll hold at least 30 people if they're all sitting. The center height is 13 feet, so even the tallest person wouldn't have to stoop!

This is the perfect tent for everyone to gather in during your next family reunion.

Guide Gear Teepee Tent 18' x 18'
Guide Gear Teepee Tent 18' x 18'

This one can sleep 10 people (maybe 12) and with a center height of 9'9", it's still pretty tall. I think it would be perfect for a family of four or five. It has enough room for everyone to sleep comfortably and still have room for all your camping gear (because let's be honest. We all pack way too much when we camp).


I Recommend....

After years of camping, my advice to you is to waterproof your tent before you use it. Even the best tents have the possibility of leaking! Both Coleman and Texsport make pretty good spray on waterproof seam sealers.

Video Reviews Of These Teepee Tents

What would you rather camp in?

What would you rather camp in?

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