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Tippmann US Army Series Paintball Guns

Updated on November 13, 2014

Looking For The Best Tactical Paintball Markers On The Planet....

Scenario paintball is the most fun when your gear is as realistic as possible. With the popularity of the sport growing and growing, there is much equipment to choose from and deciding on what's best can become a dilemma without doing a little research. Fortunately, Tippmann is a company that understands this and offers a series of military replica paintball guns with the right balance of accuracy, reliability, simplicity and best of all, they're affordable for any budget. If you're on the hunt for some of the best scenario paintball weapons on the planet, check out Tippmann US Army Series paintball guns...

If It's Good Enough For The US Army....

Paintball guns designed for realistic training & recreational play

The US Army Series paintball guns were originally designed for military training for simulation combat exercises to be realistic yet totally safe. Tippmann's new paintball weapons have been used by the US Army for simulation training at home and abroad. It wasn't long before recreational paintballers got their hands on these guns for the most intense scenario game play they've ever experienced.

Tippmann US Army paintball guns are .68 caliber, hopper fed and simple to care for. They are lightweight, easy to wield and shoot accurately at long ranges right out of the box. These tactical paintball markers are great for both beginners and advanced players, and perform well in nearly every position on the scenario battlefield with little modification. Compatible with Tippmann 98 parts and accessories, there are also tons of upgrades, kits and extras available for US Army markers to be customized further.

All US Army paintball markers are incredibly sturdy featuring indestructible die-cast aluminum receivers and a heavy duty steel braided gas line. These guns are powered by CO2 or compressed air and function with a simple inline bolt system. Catering to different tastes and positions on the paintball field, US Army paintball guns feature 3 different models, the Alpha Black, Project Salvo and Carver One. Despite how amazing these markers are, they have surprisingly cheap prices; all are $200!

US Army Alpha Black

Awesome M4 Carbine replica paintball gun...

The Alpha Black was the US Army Series flagship paintball marker and it has broken sales records since it was first released by Tippmann. The Alpha Black boasts a 5 position adjustable carbine stock, mock magazine and M4 style hand guard with built in front site. The US Army Alpha Black tactical marker is lightweight, fast and accurate; you will be amazed with the power of this paintball gun! With a built in carry handle, this gun is easy to upgrade with a scope but must have a mount installed to do so. With the simple addition of a lengthy rifled barrel, the Alpha Black makes a terrific sniper paintball gun. This marker also comes in ACU color and this is a very nice looking weapon. As a beginner, the Alpha Black paintball gun makes an excellent place to start scenario paintball... super sturdy, reliable, easy to take care of and plenty of accessories available for upgrading.

Recently Tippmann has upgraded the Alpha Black marker to the US Army Alpha Black Elite. This gun has replaced the old Alpha Black model because it's of course much better. With the same internals, you can expect the same terrific performance, however the new Elite model has been upgraded with a few features that make this gun much easier to customize and even more realistic. Instead of the carry handle being built in to the die-cast metal receiver, now it's removable on a very customizable top rail. The carry handle is upgraded itself and includes windage and elevation tools. The handguard of the new Elite Alpha Black also includes a standard weaver rail on its underside for the addition of a vertical grip or whatever other cool accessories you want.

US Army Project Salvo

Upgradeable and versatile...

Tippmann's US Army Project Salvo has exactly the same M4 style receiver as the Alpha Black, however sports an entirely different look. The RIS hand guard on this gun is not only fierce looking but provides a fantastic base for further customization with more cool accessories. This gun is practically naked without a vertical grip; in fact you can get one for free when you buy this marker from Choicepaintballguns. The top rail is also ripe and ready to go for adding a carry handle, red dot or sniper scope, with no extra mount needed. The Project Salvo is fun because its folding stock adds a versatility most other tactical paintball guns don't have. This marker sports plenty of range and accuracy for long range fighting and a body that's lightweight and easy to wield perfect for the mid field. With a quick folding of the stock, the Project Salvo instantly turns into an accurate and powerful paintball sub machine gun - awesome for close quarter battles. Compatible with add-ons and accessories that work with the Tippmann 98, there are literally tons of upgrades for this paintball gun.

Tippmann Cronus

Unique & ready to customize...

The Cronus is one of Tippman's newest and most innovative tactical paintball guns. This marker looks like a juiced up version of their classic 98 Custom but sports a cool two tone look. Highly upgradeable, lightweight and easy to shoot, the Cronus is no joke when it comes to speed and power. Armed with several picatinny rails, this tactical marker is built to customize with scopes, butt stocks and different grips. It even comes with a vertical grip on the front rail for awesome stabilization, much like the A5. The size of the Cronus paintball gun makes it perfect for close and mid range fighting, however with the right accessories, this weapon can also be turned into a precision rifle. Depending on the scenario, the Cronus is popular for the tactical scout; staying on the go, this player goes on reconnaissance missions to gather data about enemy position or to set up traps. If necessary, the Cronus is called upon to pick off key players or defend when spotted. Short and compact, this gun is easy to wield, accurate to shoot and even more deadly and fierce looking when jacked with accessories. This marker was built with Tippmann's own Cronus upgrade kit in mind; an accessory package that's cheap, easy to install and will transform this paintball gun into something everyone on the field will envy. Just like all the rest of the US Army Series, this Tippmann masterpiece is compatible with 98 Custom parts and accessories (barrels & stocks).

Other Fun US Army Series Products

Gear up for your next overnight scenario paintball game...

With the popularity of US Army Series markers at big scenario games, Tippmann has again answered the call of need from players who absolutely love their gear. The Alpha Black, Carver One and Project Salvo are so commonly seen at big scenario paintball games like D-Day and Skirmish, Tippmann now offers products to make your camping during these trips more comfortable - while matching your marker! The US Army Camp Chair is terrific to sit in beside the fire after long day on the field. It folds up compact in a second and is easy to carry and pack. Take your choice of sleeping in either the US Army Basic Training Tent or the Battalion Tent with rain fly for plenty of room to shut your eyes for the night and store your gear during the day.

Use the US Army 4+1 Harness to carry 4 pods of ammo and your air tank to use with a remote line. This heavy duty harness is comfortable to wear and comes in ACU camo color. Tippmann also offers a handy way to carry your US Army paintball gun with the US Army Paintball Marker Case. This marker bag fits any of the US Army paintball guns with ease but also has pouches for three 140 round ammo pods. All this equipment is cheap priced, totally sturdy and matches the style of your US Army markers.

Tippmann US Army Paintball Guns...

Use these links to check out the Tippmann US Army Series tactical markers; compare and contrast prices, performance and physical stats to choose the best gun for you...,

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