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Enjoying Paintball With Tippmann Gear

Updated on July 11, 2010

What is Tippmann Gear?

Imagine having a paint encapsulated in a gelatin-like projectile, piercing at you at approximately 90m/s, wouldn't you be scared? I know I would. With paintball being such an extreme sport, you need a whole lot of good protection for your face, eyes, arms and upper and lower body. Protections differ from head masks, hand gloves, knee and elbow pads to neck, chest and back armor. And if you will ask me where it's best to get a hold of high-end paintball gear, Tipmann gear is the answer.

Battle Scars

Tippmann Gear Armors and Apparel

Formerly manufacturers of half-scale replica machine guns, Tippmann gear makers entered the paintball business in 1986, when gun law changes obliged them to review their trade. At present, Tippmann gear comprises of high-performance paintball armor and marker gears.

Tippmann gear offers quality paintball camouflage vests which are made out of lightweight-nylon webbed-mesh based material, complete with paintball loader, tank, map-ID, and radio pouches.

Tippmann gear also recommends its paintball apparel. Tippmann gear jerseys are ergonomically designed and made out of breathable, lightweight comfortable football mesh; has a neckline to guard the neck and elbow padding to keep the elbows safe from harm. Tippmann gear pants, like the gear jerseys are also made out of lightweight, football mesh material. It has stretch panels in the leg and crotch for higher mobility. Both Tippmann gear apparels come in Fusion Battle and Ultralite Fusion functionality.

In addition, Tippmann also manufacture excellent and well-designed paintball masks and hand gloves. Tippmann gear masks are known for great face protection, durability and fog resistant lenses. The Tippmann gear gloves also offer extreme durability and ventilating system so your hands don't sweat while offering protection at the same time.

Do You..

..Use Tippmann Gears When Playing Paintball?

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Tippmann Gear A-5

Tippmann Gears: Accurately Precise.
Tippmann Gears: Accurately Precise.

Tippmann Gear Paintball Guns and Markers

Whenever paintball aficionados hear the word Tippmann or Tippmann gear, only one thing comes to their mind. Paintball guns or markers as they are called in the paintball world are what made Tippmann known in the sport of paintball. Tippmann gears especially their paintball guns are exceptional and the best to use when paintballing. The U.S. Army even uses Tippmann gears for training and combat simulations because Tippmann paintball guns are accurate, handles great and even feels like the real thing.

Below are some of the models Tippmann made and has been known to have an outstanding design, durability and functionality. The Tipmann 98 custom is the latest in the Tippmann gear set of markers which is known for its reliability, durability and ease of use.

The 98 custom is an upgraded version of the 98 model and features ACT (Anti-chop Technology)

The Custom Pro is an upgraded version of the 98 Custom. Its powder coat is scratch resistant and also features ACT technology.

The semi-automatic A-5 marker utilizes the new cyclone feed system which makes it to have less chances of jamming and increase the rate of paintball markers to feed balls in the chamber.

The Propane gas powered C-3 is the first of its kind to be made. A single propane tank can fire up to 50,000 shots.

The X-7 paintball marker is the next generation A-5 and is the most customizable marker on the market. Tippmann claims that it can be customized in 1000 different ways.

The Triumph series are composed of 3 markers which are lighter and more compact than other models.

You really can't go wrong with Tippmann gears for your paintballing needs. It is the best gear for novice and expert users alike. Tippmann paintball gears also mean quality and durability at its finest.


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    • Allan D profile imageAUTHOR

      Allan D 

      6 years ago from The Internets

      seems legit to me. :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      those paintball injusries are so photoshopped on that guy.

    • profile image

      Tippmann Paintball Markers 

      9 years ago

      I am a huge fan of TippMann markers they simply can not be beat for the cost and benefits. There things are rock solid and wont break down on you on the field. My custom 98 is my backup gun and my A-5 is now my full time marker. Great Hub you have here


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