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6 Tips for a Perfect Camping Trip With Your Kids

Updated on November 25, 2018
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We are just camping lovers willing to share our experience and knowledge with everyone, and learn as much as we can too ⛺

As parents and camping lovers we find ourselves in this strange spot, where we fight the urge to take our kids on a camping trip, fearing that it won't be benefic for them, we over think everything and ends up giving up on the trip.

But trust me on this one, camping is one of the most benefic life experiences your kids will have, it will teach them plenty of things and help them build a strong personality and will also encourage them to face the hardness of life, and most importantly it will teach them to love nature and also it will strengthen your relationship with them.

For a perfect camping trip with your Kids, her is few practical tips to make sure you are doing things right and everyone is having a good time.

1. Pack real food and lots of water.

Bringing the right food is crucial for adults and even more important for kids. Bring dense food high on carbohydrate and protein for meals. Eggs, the way to go they just take little space and offer almost everything you guys will need in the morning, just boil few eggs and you are ready to go.

Snacks are really important to keep your kids going either at camp or on hikes. Don’t bring chips and hot dogs or some supermarkets junk food. Pack real food. Real Snacks can still be fun!

Granola bars travel well and they don’t take much space, they are just life savers if you want my opinion.

Make sure to stay and keep kids hydrated. Don’t wait for them to ask for water. Remind them to drink every now and then. Dinners are as important. Make big pots of soups so you won't have too much cleaning to.

2. Involve the kids in planning

Ask them what they will enjoy the most, make a small list on your computer with pictures and videos where you collect all the activities that your campsite offers : biking, boating, wildlife viewing hiking and fishing be creative and let everyone decide with your guidance of course.

By doing this you will boost their self esteem, and they will feel as if they really contributed in the trip.

3. Practice camping with them

Before going the camping site ,build a camp in your backyard for a practice camp out. This will help you make sure that your gear is working and performing well and it will help give the little ones an idea about what they should be expecting.

4. Be realistic

It’s never about how many miles you will walk everyday and the mountains you are going to climb with them, it’s about teaching them to love and appreciate themselves and the nature around them. Kids are born with this pure love for natures, playing in the grass, digging in the dirt, enjoy the experience with them.

Keep in mind that their physiology won’t let them go as far as you can and provide the same effort as you. So when hiking, pick short, easy hikes. Let them walk and encourage them, but bring a carrier, they always get tired and that’s from my personal experience haha.

For campsites, make sure that the site is safe and kids friendly; lakes and ledges are not the perfect options so keep an eye on your kids.

5. Set rules but don’t exaggerate

Tour the campground with them and determine together how far they can roam. Make sure they will remember the number of their camp space and what they should do if they get lost . Practice fire safety with them around the campfire.

Teach them that they should respect nature and the wildlife by throwing the trash in the right place, and teach them the importance of the personal hygiene .

6. Be prepared

Coming without the right gear and safety tools can have some serious consequences.

A bee sting, rain, cold weather, sunburn, or a hurt muscle can cause you serious problems if you’re not well prepared. Teach your kids to be aware of their surroundings and stay in your sight.

Make sure to have the right safety kit and tools, compass or gps kit, safety blanket, emergency food, water filters, and inform others about where you’ll be during your camping and hikes. Give your kids a safety pack with some food, water, and a whistle.

And remember the most important part about the trip is making memories and having fun so be smooth and go with the flow ♥ .

© 2018 Camping Smart


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    • Believe in USA profile image

      George Johnson 

      10 months ago from San Antonio, TX

      Great idea about practicing camping with your kids. I never thought of that.


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