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Toboggans For Sale - Buy Cheap Sleds, Plastic Sleds and Toy Sleds Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Snow starts falls on the ground, the temperature starts to drop... Christmas music begins to play.

What's the first thing you do - or the first thing that comes to mind - when this happens? Well, for me,it's sledding. There's nothing like getting on top of a hidden hill, a toy sled in hand, and preparing yourself for a high velocity flight to some destination below. It's even better when you're surrounded by countless other people, children and adults alike, who all of their own plastic sleds in hand - a collective experience of bravery.

Alright - so tobogganing isn't that grandeur; but it's still one of the most fun winter activities.

A little while ago I was going sledding with my little brother. It was a cold day, colder than normal, and I thought that the hill we usually sled down on would be deserted. I was wrong - it was the busiest ever. What amazed me the most, however, was the variety of toboggans people had. Inflatable toboggan, plastic saucer sled, antique wooden sleds, inner tubs sleds, toy sleds.

They were all cool sleds, each one pertaining to the personality of the person using it - making toboggans for sale one of the best Christmas presents.


Plastic Saucer Sled

One of the best selling toboggan sleds is the plastic saucer sled.  The plastic saucer sled is one of simplest toboggans to buy and is also one of the fastest.  The design is simple - a 25 inch diameter plastic circle - that has curved edges for you to sit on.  Lie down, kneel on, sit on a plastic saucer sled - it all works great for any kind of sledding terrain. 

Some plastic saucer sleds, if you're willing to pay the extra, will have handles on either side for better control; some, though, will come with none making the experience that much more wild.  They are durable sleds, a necessity for young children. 

Inflatable Toboggan

Inflatable toboggans are a lot like plastic saucer sleds, in that they are designed to work in a similar way.  Inflatable toboggans work like they sound - you inflate them with air.  This is a convenient aspect to the sled, because it allows you, when the winter season is over, to deflate it and pack it away. 

It also makes them go much faster. 

The material used in an inflatable toboggan is very smooth, perfect for sledding down any kind of hill.  Like to race?  An inflatable toboggan will get you the win. 

Most inflatable toboggans for sale will come with four handles, have a capacity for double riding,  and will include a repair kit if ever receives a hole. 

Inner Tube Sled

Similar to inflatable sleds, an inner tube sled works the same way.  One of the best selling toboggans on the market is the inner tube sled due to its family friendly design, and ability to fit more than one person. 

My favorite, the Rally Snow Sled has heat sealed seams, a safety valve for fast inflation and deflation, two heavy duty handles, and is built in a way so it moves the quickest in the snow. 

An inner tube for sale is a great Christmas idea - it's safe and fast, the best of both worlds. 

Tobogganing is one of the must fun winter activities.
Tobogganing is one of the must fun winter activities. | Source

Antique Wooden Sleds

The thing about plastic sleds is that they don't have the same appeal , the same kind nostalgia, wooden sleds have.  Many of us, when we think of tobogganing, we think of an old wooden sled, one that fits the whole family, racing down amidst light snow. 

Luckily there are still wooden toboggans for sale; more importantly their still exists wooden sleds for children. 

The biggest diversity, in sleds to buy, comes in wooden sleds.  You can purchase an antique wooden sled, for example, that comes with a cushion and the ability to be pulled.  Not specifically for tobogganing down a hill, but good for those family snow walks.    The Heirloom collection wooden foldable sled, for example, is suitable to carry 2 small kids, is 43 inches long, a has lifetime warranty. 

More conventional wooden sleds, like the Flexible Flyer sled, are for more serious sledders.  Usually made of a mix of wood with touch steel runners, these sleds are extremely durable and reach some highs speeds.  Usually feature a steering bar to easily control down a hill, these are not antique wooden sleds, but modern wooden sleds built for speed. 

Wooden sleds are a good idea as toddler sleds, many designed specifically for a young child. 

Buy Steerable Sled Online

Steerable Sled

My favorite type of toboggan is the steerable sled.  They give the most control as well as the most speed.  They are excellent sleds to have in difficult terrain, or trails that require some immediate turning. 

In my opinion a steerable sled are the most fun to use.  The ability to will yourself any which way down a hill is one of the enviable traits in the sledding community. 


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      sleds kids 7 years ago

      This sled is very well done, and so far slides really, really good. Unfortunately, we already have a scrape from a rock in it, and we must learn to drive a sleigh.