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How Young Is Too Young to Learn to Skateboard?

Updated on April 16, 2012

Do you have a little boy or girl who wants to skateboard and you think they may be too young? Is there a set age of when to start them off? What do you need to learn to skateboard? Why should you let them learn?

I have heard of some children starting out as young as two years old. While that may be a little young for grasping the idea and know how of co-ordination and balance while rolling on wheels,the age of four seems to be a pretty good age to start your child at.

You will need to make sure that you purchase the right sized elbow, knee and wrist pads, for your child. Other must have safety equipment is a helmet. When shopping for a board, look for the smallest size. You do not want anything too big for him to learn on. You may want to buy yourself some pads and a helmet too just so your child will understand the importance of safety gear and get in the habit of wearing it at all times. If you are active as well, you could wear skates while he learns to skateboard, or you can just stand by his side at all times as he learns the basic moves of balancing, pushing off and staying on.

Give him lots of support. Don't get freaked out if he falls and does manage to scrap himself. He will more than likely just get up and want to try again. If you find that he is still acting like he is too young for learning to skateboard, you can always check into getting him a scooter or skateboard with a handle.

If your child learns how to master the art of skateboarding at a young age, he could go on to become quite a star when he gets older. Skateboarding helps you develop many skills that can make doing things in life a lot easier. You will have quick reflexes, excellent balance, superb co-ordination and more than likely a ton of patience and determination. Plus it is a great way to hang with friends and have some fun.


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