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Top 5 Major League Baseball Hat Logos

Updated on June 13, 2013

Best MLB Team Hat Logos!

Top 5 MLB Team Hat Logos around the game of baseball in 2012. The Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays have two of the best both featuring cartoon birds.

The Indians and the Braves are in the top 5 as well with mascots relating to Indians! Logos sell themselves and these 5 lead the way in MLB as far as hat logos!

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Top 5 MLB Hat Logos include 2 cartoon birds, 2 indian related icons and a glove!

The top hat logos around Major League Baseball include many not included on this list. This list is based on ones opinion while many other teams around the league have great logos from the famous Socks on the hat for the Boston Red Sox to the basic Yankees logo.

A team logo can sell it self and we saw that this year as the Baltimore Orioles were ranked in the top 3 of apparel sales after making changes to the teams logo. The team elected to get back to a cartoon bird very similar to a logo they used in the 1960's. The logo was a hit for fans located in Maryland and across the country.

A fan of hats may not be a fan of a specific team but fall in love with the teams logo. The top five MLB hat logos around the league include the Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Best MLB Team Logo

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2012 Baltimore Orioles Logo via Chris Creamers Sports Logos
2012 Baltimore Orioles Logo via Chris Creamers Sports Logos

MLB Top Hat Logo 1: Baltimore Orioles 2012 Logo

The Baltimore Orioles went back to the legacy of a team that had one of the best organizations in all of baseball through the 60's and 70's while new skipper Buck Showalter wanted to bring the winning ways back to the city of Baltimore. The logo change was a combination of 1966 with a modern day O's logo on the birds hat.

The logo changed helped move Baltimore up the apparel sales ladder as well moving them in to third in 2012 in sales. The logo plus the high level of play that the O's brought in 2012 helped as well.

Baltimore has one of the best logos in baseball and leads my list of top five in Major League Baseball hat logos.

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Toronto Blue Jays 2012 Logo via Chris Creamers Sports Logos!
Toronto Blue Jays 2012 Logo via Chris Creamers Sports Logos!

MLB Top Hat Logo 2: Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays cartoon bird logo falls right behind the Baltimore Orioles for the best logo in Major League Baseball. Now in all honesty you could flip them and I would be fine with it.

As far as the teams logos through out the year I have been a big fan of all of them unlike the Orioles with the real life bird they used for a couple of seasons. The Blue Jays cartoon bird along with the teams colors make this hat a fan favorite!

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Atlanta Braves Hat Logo via Chris Creamers Sports Logos
Atlanta Braves Hat Logo via Chris Creamers Sports Logos

MLB Top Hat Logo 3: Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves logos have been a fan favorite for years from the screaming indian to the lower a letter worn in the early 70's through 1980 worn by Hall Of Fame Legend Hank Aaron.

While the Braves have tons of fans of the logos some fans around the game think they should give up the Indian style logo. The logo has no disrespect for the heritage of Indians and would kill the franchise and the logos.

When you think of the Braves logo you think of superstars such as Hank Aaron, Greg Maddux and Chipper Jones while also thinking of the fans doing the chop to rally the team!

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Milwaukee Brewers Hat Logo via Chris Creamers Sports Logos
Milwaukee Brewers Hat Logo via Chris Creamers Sports Logos

MLB Top Hat Logo 4: Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers logo has that make up of colors and logo while many fans don't realize the logo is made up of the letters m and b to make the look of a baseball glove.

As long as I can remember being a fan of baseball I have been a fan of the logo and owned multiple fitted hats over the years of a great franchise.

The modern day version is the same as the one the team wore from 1978 through 1993 before trying a variety of logos then returning to this logo in 2006.

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Cleveland Indians Hat Logo via Chris Creamers Sports Logos
Cleveland Indians Hat Logo via Chris Creamers Sports Logos

MLB Top Hat Logo 5: Cleveland Indians

The top 5 rounds out with the Cleveland Indians out beating the Red Sox hat with the socks on it as well as a few other logos including the St. Louis Cardinals and the basic New York Yankees logo.

Now the Indians logo has changed over the years but keeps going back to the original logo minus the letter C around it. The Indians wore the logo between 1954-1957 then later dropped the C.

The Indians logo has a name in sports movies as well being part of the Major League Baseball franchise.

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    • justpjteb profile image

      justpjteb 4 years ago

      @TimothyArends: I totally agree with you sometimes they make crazy changes to a logo and take away the character of it. Yea Milwaukee has always been one of my favorite hats to wear!

    • TimothyArends profile image

      Timothy Arends 4 years ago from Chicago area

      The Milwaukee Brewers logo is clever because it has the "M" of Milwaukee incorporated into the image of the glove. All of these logos have a great tradition behind them and I hope they don't change them too much.