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Best Backpack brands

Updated on November 5, 2014

Best Backpack Brands Reviewed

The best backpack brands on the market cover all ages and can be used for a wide variety of needs. The majority of them are now branded and can range from brands as diverse as Harry Potter and Coke. There are also many leading brands such as Jansport, North Face and many others that you will be very familiar with.

My interest first started when I was trying to get a backpack for when I was out on my motorbike. I found there were so many different types that I thought I would do an article review on backpacks, especially as the 1st one I bought was rubbish and had to go into the trash.

They fall into many different types so I have listed them all out below. I trust you find this article on the best backpack brands to be useful and informative and you will be able to find the pack you need without having to try too hard.

Best Backpacks Brands for Laptop

These are the best rated and most purchased backpacks for laptops that I have found on the market. You can click below to read great reviews. I have researched these quite a lot because I have a 17" rather expensive laptop that I need to travel around with so I wanted the best backpack for my laptop that I could find. Its so important to have a case that offers some protection. You need look no further than these.

This was the best of the backpacks that met all my strict criteria.

Best Backpack Brands for Backpacking

I am a scout leader and have always enjoyed the great outdoors. Getting a really good backpack for actual backpacking is something that is extremely important. After much use and research I have picked out my top three base on actual buyer reviews and by people who use these on a regular basis. I found having a cool section in my pack extremely useful.

High Sierra Loop Backpack
High Sierra Loop Backpack

One of the best packs we have found, this is compact but has loads of room. Its also available in a great range of colours

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack; with a New Limited Edition Color; Free Rain Cover Included
TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack; with a New Limited Edition Color; Free Rain Cover Included

This is a serious back pack. Extremely light weight but rugged in manufacture with lots of options to customise


Quick Check List for Buying a Backpack

1 Size.

This is the number one factor you need to decide on. It all really does depend on you. Some people are more interested in style and must take 6 pairs of shoes in which case you might want a bigger backpack. Some people purposely take a smaller backpack to limit how much they are carrying around with them in case they get tempted to shop, i recommend this for the wife.

General rule of thumb would be anything around the 60 litre mark. I know some guys who travel light with 50 and some girls who travel with 70. Anything more and you are likely to have too much weight and any less and you won't have room for anything

2. Day pack

Many packs have a smaller, detachable pack that you can take if going out for the day. Don't unerestimate this as it can be extremely handy when you don't have to carry your entire belongings around.

3. Wheels

Wheels, wheels, wheels. Such a brilliant invention. Make sure any backpack you buy of any reasonable size has its own wheels. This can be invaluable if you are in the airport or in a city.

4 Sex.

Make sure you buy a sex relevant pack. Men and women are very different and backpacks have been designed specifically for each sex and they are very different.

The Backpacker's Field Manual, Revised and Updated: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Backcountry Skills
The Backpacker's Field Manual, Revised and Updated: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Backcountry Skills

This is a handy wee book, especially if you are not really an outdoors type person

North Face backpacks
North Face backpacks

The North Face backpacks

North face are one of the worlds leading companies manufacturing winter clothes and a full range of accessories including sleeping bags and backpacks.

The company has been in business since 1986 and was originally from San Francisco. They have since moved to California in 2002. North face products are now available in most countries of the world.

The range of North Face backpacks include 35 different models with prices ranging from £35 right up to the most expensive models at £100. You will find that these packs are of the highest quality and are built to last and be completely reliable.

Best Backpack for Bikers
Best Backpack for Bikers

Best Backpack Brands for Bikers

The Backpack That I Bought

This is the backpack I bought for myself. I liked it basically because there is lots of room inside it. It is very comfortable to wear and most importantly it has a place to carry my helmet when I am off the bike. That was a must for me as it is annoying having to carry a a helmet around..

I have worn it for a weekend away and there was no problem getting all my stuff into it. With this on I travelled a couple of hundred miles and it was very comfortable.

It may not look fancy but it was a great buy and I am a great believer in usefulness over style.

Harry Potter Movies Books Hogwarts Shoulder Messenger Backpack

Every review I read on this one was superb and my wife did buy this for her nephew. He out and out loves it and takes it everywhere with him. It has a number of different sized pockets ideal for those school things like calculators.

It comes with a long strap and with tags.

In my opinion it is really top quality from a top backpack brand.

Original Harry Potter Backpack

Harry Potter Backpack

The most popular is the original Harry Potter backpack that was first released. The picture on the left is a good representation of the backpack. It has the following features:

It measures 15 x 13

Front zipper pouch

Large main compartment

It is made of denim with a gold coloured stitching which actually gives it a look like "jeans." It is actually quite difficult to get this backpack now as many of the main suppliers no longer stock it. If you really want the original then it may be worth while checking on eBay. I know when I searched around for this it was very difficult to find a supplier.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Denim Backpack

This proved to be another very popular backpack especially with the boys.

The main features of this backpack

Officially licensed product

Front zipper pocket

Made of denim so easy to clean and long lasting

Great gift for going back to school

From the reviews that I have read this is very popular indeed with the boys and I have seen a lot of them around. Any backpack belonging to a boy is highly likely to take a lot of abuse and this backpack will certainly stand up to the tests and hardships it will be put through.

It is long lasting and durable and available in most stores that sell Harry Potter school supplies.

Harry Potter Hogwarts School Creat 11" Navy Denim Backpack
Harry Potter Hogwarts School Creat 11" Navy Denim Backpack

These denim bags are very popular and trendy


Harry Potter Backpack For Girls

Harry Potter Pink Backpack

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Small Pink Canvas Fabric Backpack is by far the most popular for girls and always proves to be a popular hit. Well after all it is pink. It is also a popular choice at the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

It is important to note that this backpack is smaller than a regular backpack. Its size is 11 high and 7 Wide. It is one of the few backpacks that has a double compartment. It is extremely durable as it is made from a good quality canvas and will last a long time. It is perfect for girls going to infant school or play.

This is my grand daughters favourite backpack and she guards it with her life. The size of the bag is small though and in truth it will only hold a few bits and pieces so you could not use it as a real school bag and my honest opinion it is more like a toy bag than a proper backpack.

The kids do seem to love it though so an ideal present at Christmas or a birthday up to around the age of 3-5 years old.

Harry Potter Purse - Available at Amazon

Insane Clown Posse - Dark Carnival Backpack
Insane Clown Posse - Dark Carnival Backpack

You don't see many of these but they are a really nice design


Harry Potter Hedwing The Owl Plush Backpack

Harry Potter Hedwing

A completely novelty Harry Potter backpack and aimed at a very young age group.

The main features include:

13 inches high (so small)

Adjustable shoulder straps

Zips around the owls head

Once again kids seem to love this and aunties seem to love to buy this one for their nieces. It is cute for sure but I am not that fond of the eyes

Great prices on Amazon

Harry Potter HEDWIG Small Backpack/Purse
Harry Potter HEDWIG Small Backpack/Purse

Cute as a button for the younger kids

Top backpack brands
Top backpack brands

Cooler Backpacks

There are a wide range of cooler backpacks available. Forget about picnic baskets ar large tuperware boxes, these cooler bags will keep all your food cool and fresh for longer and are great for cold drinks and lollys for the kids.

I was never a big fan of picnics. They usually mean sheltering from the cold and eating limp sandwiches, lukewarm drinks and a generally miserable time. If you can manage to get a quick spot of sunlight, one of these cooler bags will transform the experience, especially if you have kids.

Prices start around $19 and go right up to $199 so there is definitely something available for every budget.

Cooler packs

Igloo Real Tree Softside Hunting Cooler Backpack
Igloo Real Tree Softside Hunting Cooler Backpack

A great bag that will keep any food cool for several hours

Ogio Freezer Backpack Cooler (Black)
Ogio Freezer Backpack Cooler (Black)

A high capacity cool bag that would be good for a family


Coke backpacks

Coke make some fantastic backpacks which look good and are extremely practical. The features can include :-

Thermally Insulated Compartment Hold Food, Beverages and Ice packs

Insulated Beverage Pouch on the Side

Large Zippered Front Pocket

Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps 20 Can Capacity

Spacious Cooler Section Features Advanced

Thermal "Sandwich" Construction of Rugged 600 Denier Polyester

The particular pack in the picture is only £30 and is one of the best quality ones we have come across

How do you feel about picnics

Picnics - do you love them or hate them

See results

Best Backpack Brands - Coke Backpacks

Coke Coca Cola Large Red Backpack Book Bag School
Coke Coca Cola Large Red Backpack Book Bag School

A nice bright bag with plenty of room in it

Officially Licensed Coca-Cola Classic Nylon Backpack (Black)
Officially Licensed Coca-Cola Classic Nylon Backpack (Black)

This is a smaller sized back but still very handy

Coca Cola Backpack Bistro
Coca Cola Backpack Bistro

A great coke bag that will also keep things cool, or hot if you want !


What to look for in a back pack

What Do You Think Are The Best Backpack Brands?

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    • sara0129 profile image

      Shamim Rajabali 4 years ago from Texas

      These are good brands. Jansport is my favorite.

    • Geoff Magee profile image

      Geoff Magee 4 years ago from Belfast

      There are so many backpacks to choose from it is really worth while takimg your time in choosing one.

    • profile image

      Chip_Westley 5 years ago

      I like the Coke backpacks.

    • cjbmeb14 lm profile image

      cjbmeb14 lm 5 years ago

      I like the Harry Potter backpacks best as well.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      harry Potter is the best

    • endamclarnon profile image

      Enda McLarnon 5 years ago from Belfast, Ireland

      You should check out North Face as they also do great back packs and Jansport I think are number one in the world

    • profile image

      bert1234 5 years ago

      Harry potter bags are the best