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Top 10 Christmas and Birthday Gifts for Hunters and those who Love Hunting

Updated on May 30, 2013

Choosing Gifts for Hunters is easy!

Hunters love hunting, they are passionate and love the outdoors. I have chosen some cool, fun and useful Gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Father's day, Valentines, Anniversaries or any occasion for the hunter in your life!

Camouflage anything will do for a start! Here are the top 10 hunter gift ideas for people who love to hunt on your gift shopping list.

Buy the Primos Truth at Amazon here
Buy the Primos Truth at Amazon here

Night Vision Camo Hunting & Wildlife Camera

Everything you need!

This will make your hunters life easier and sees every movement from the stand. An 8GB SD card for images means lots of film time and they don't have to check it as often.

Primos Truth Cam 46 Camera

All settings, including resolution on the Truth Cam 46, are adjustable. It can take both still and video images, over a 50-foot nighttime range. The camera can be set for multi-shot bursts of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 images per triggering. The images are stamped with time & date, and temperature with moon phase information too. Low-profile casing with Matrix camo finish means this great hunting or game camera is easily concealed.

Handy LED Light Camouflage Baseball Hat - A great help in the dark!

This handy camo light hat is a great stocking stuffer and will make the a hunters life easier at dawn and dusk when they are looking for something.

Awesome Helmet Cam Helmet Pro - Over 2 hours of recording time!

This is one of the most popular and best helmet cameras available due to great quality at a good price.

GoPro HD Helmet Hero
GoPro HD Helmet Hero

This compact helmet camera is great because it allows you a good long battery time. For the hunter recording from hat or helmet, knowing that you will get over two hours of quality video recording is awesome. So you can film the hunt and not miss a thing!


Sport Electronic Earmuff allows Hunters to Hear - Protect and hear at the same time!

Protect your hunters hearing while giving them the gift or still being able to communicate.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526)
Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526)

Those high quality hearing protectors actually have mp3 hook-up to so you can listen to you tunes while waiting out in the bush. Also these are great when they are on a tractor or clearing snow too! They block sound over 80dB and make sounder under that clearer so the you can still hear and join in conversations when hunting.


One of the Best Hunting Knives out there! - Excellent for skinning or whittling!

Mens Camo Coveralls Insulated & Reversable - What a great idea!

Your hunter can get use out of these camo insulated coveralls all winter long not just when hunting.

Great Quality Keychain Multitool for Hunting - Great quality & highly recommended

Camouflage Redneck Beer & Soda Can Holster Belt - Great gag but useful too!

Despite being bought as a gag gift, your hunter will be the envy of his group if he gets one of these in his stocking this Christmas! What starts off as a joke gift is useful for keeping hands free when hunting and it's like having 6 easy access pockets!

Bounty Hunter Pinpointer Metal Detector - Never bite on shot again!

If you or your hunter risk your dental safety every time you eat some game they have caught, try this to find the shot when cleaning dressing game.

Best Firearms Cleaning System with Optics and DVD - This is what your hunter has been dreaming of!

Time to treat the hunter on your Christmas list to something they will absolutely love.

Otis Technology The Otis Elite
Otis Technology The Otis Elite

Many hunters gun-cleaning equipment is assorted and collected bit by bit over the years. This awesome soft-wrapped kit contains just about everything they need. Reviews of this kit show it it the most loved and enjoyed of all the kits. Great quality and the owners and thrilled with it.


Still looking for more Great Gifts for the Hunter? - Check these gift ideas out or browse using the search box!

I'd love to hear from you! Let us know if you liked our lens today. - Thanks for dropping by!

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    • EDawg408 LM profile image

      EDawg408 LM 6 years ago

      I love hunting goodies for gifts! The beer can belt is a must! I use the pinpointer when metal detecting...helps me find stubborn clad coins in the holes I dig.

    • skefflingecho profile image

      skefflingecho 6 years ago from Tobermory Ontario

      @OnlineShoppingIndia: Glad you liked! Thanks for the visit, Squidlike and comment! I tried to do a range of prices too, for every budget! Anything to make life easier and more fun, eh?

    • profile image

      OnlineShoppingIndia 6 years ago

      WOW good list for Christmas Gifts.