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Top thermal cycling tights for winter rides

Updated on October 31, 2014

With the summer over and autumn in full swing it is time to think about the winter and what to wear during the colder months, providing you are continuing to ride. And you are still going to ride, right? Providing you have the right cycling clothing winter cycling isn’t too bad and you can still enjoy getting out on your bike and racking up the miles.

All cyclists know the importance of keeping the knees warm to ensure they work as they should do and don’t seize up. In the winter months cycling shorts are a big no no, and should be replaced by cycling tights, such as these Select thermal tights by Pearl Izumi.

Pearl Izumi are well known for making top quality cycling clothing and these winter cycling tights are no different. The first thing you will notice about these cycling tights is the quality, which is second to none. The stitches are the weak part of all cycling clothing, however you won’t have any problems with the double stitched Select winter cycling tights. The stitching is tough and strong and these cycling tights will last a long time.

As I am sure you are aware the fit and comfort of cycling clothing is essential and poorly fitting cycle clothing is not only uncomfortable but also leads to chaffing and soreness. The Pearl Izumi Select tights are a great fit. They are tight (as they should be) but so tight that they cut off the circulation around the waist and ankles. When I first put on the Select cycle tights I was worried the chamois pad was in the wrong place but as soon as I got on the bike it moved to exactly where it should be and stayed their for the entire ride. Trust me, you won’t get saddle sore using the Select winter tights.

Winter cycle clothing has to be warm, obviously, and I can say that thanks to the fleece lining the Select tights are ultra warm and will keep you nice and toasty on the road, even in the coldest conditions.

In conclusion I have nothing but praise for the Pearl Izumi Select winter cycling tights and I can’t recommend them enough. These cycle tights are warm (make that ultra warm), very comfortable and the decent sized chamois pad means saddle soreness won’t rear its ugly head. I appreciate the Pearl Izumi Select winter cycling tights aren’t cheap but you do get what you pay for, and as I have learned in the past, it is false economy to scrimp and buy budget as you will only go and buy the decent product in the end.

Even though the Pearl Izumi winter cycling tights are top draw and highly recommended there are some other winter cycling tights you may also like to consider, as follows;

Pearl Izumi Men's Select Thermal Cycling Bib Tight, Black, Large
Pearl Izumi Men's Select Thermal Cycling Bib Tight, Black, Large

Here we have the Select bib tights, which is the bib version of the winter cycling tights I have reviewed. If you prefer bib tights these may suit you better, and being Pearl Izumi you know they are going to be a top product.

Pearl Izumi Men's Select Barrier WxB Pant
Pearl Izumi Men's Select Barrier WxB Pant

If you don't want to wear winter cycling tights how about these pants instead? Simply wear these over your padded cycling shorts and you are good to go. Once again, being Pearl Izumi you can be happy knowing they are a top quality product.


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Lined or unlined cycling tights?

Thermal winter cycling tights are generally lined, which is why they are so warm and cosy. That said, there are many cyclists who prepfer not to have lined cycling tights because they say "it affects there cycling performance".

Personally, I have never had a problem with fur lined cycling tights. I mean, I much prefer to have warm legs whilst out on those winter rides than numb legs I can't feel because they are so cold. I guess at the end of the day it is down to personal preference, however you shouldn't write off lined winter cycling tights before you give them a try.


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