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Topeak Fuel Tank First Impressions

Updated on February 25, 2013

Topeak Fuel Tank Bag

The Topeak Fuel Tank is a top tube mounted bag designed to hold food, valuables, a camera or phone, spares or even a small jacket and pair of gloves. Topeak make two models, a Medium Fuel Tank and a large,which is the model I have reviewed here.

Because of where it attaches to the bike it is very convenient and can even be accessed (with care!) while on the move.

I use mine for bike packing trips, where it forms part of a rack-less luggage setup, however it would be useful for many other cycling trips, whether that be commuting, audaxing, touring and general trips and leisure rides.

Photo of Topeak Fuel Tank Large Courtesy of (other images by me)

Topeak Fuel Tank Bag
Topeak Fuel Tank Bag

First Impressions of the Topeak Fuel Tank Large

The bag arrived from Amazon on the display card, this immediately allowed me to experience just how strong the Velcro straps are, they are, very! It took me a couple of minutes to extract the bag from the card, but I think that this is a good thing as you really don't want the bag coming loose when out riding, especially as I will be using this bag when mountain biking.

Topeak Top Tube Bag
Topeak Top Tube Bag

A close look at the Velco on the Topeak Bag

Along from their great grip. there are some nice touches on the Velcro straps, they are all lined with a rubberised coating on the side that will sit against the bike, again this should hold the bag nice and steady.

The front strap also has some adjustment as it floats under another rubberised patch, this will allow you to avoid cable stops, gussets or other rackless luggage (such as a framebag hanging below), it would have been good for all straps to have been adjustable in this way, particularly the one that wraps around the steerer (more on this later).

Topeak Fuel Tank Bag Large
Topeak Fuel Tank Bag Large

Inside the Fuel Tank

According to the description on Amazon and the Topeak site, the Large bag has two mesh pockets inside, however I could only find the one, I did have a really good look but there aren't many places to hide! Not really the end of the world as I think one is probably enough.

The bright yellow is good though, and the padding feels ok too - not too thick that you loose capacity, but sufficient to protect a phone or small camera well enough.

fuel tank topeak
fuel tank topeak

This looking towards the back of the bag, the end that is nearest you, here we can see the divider that can be moved to adjust the space or remove completely should you want to carry something longer - bicycle pump for instance.

I will probably use the smaller compartment for my tools, my Crank Brothers Multi-tool will sit in there quite happily, along with an innertube and puncture repair kit.

Topeak Fuel Tank
Topeak Fuel Tank

The outside of the Topeak Fuel Tank Bag

Another nice feature is the water resistant zip and the little hood that covers the zip when the bag is closed, in addition there is a patch of loop Velcro on one side that hold any ends of the hook Velcro tight against the side of the Fuel Tank and ensure that they don't catch on you.

Topeak bag
Topeak bag

Fitting the Topeak Fuel Tank to the bike

Here you can see the Fuel Tank attached to the top tube of my Salsa Fargo. Because I haven't cut the steerer down it sits neatly behind it, and looks good on the bike.

The position is just perfect for being convenient to reach while on the bike and will be a great asset to my rackless luggage system that includes a bar mounted bag, frame bag and seat pack, as well as the Salsa Anything Cages on the forks.

My only real criticism of the Topeak Fuel Tank is the strap that goes around the steerer tube, it's there to hold the bag steady so that it doesn't flop to one side, however it's a bit low down to do this effectively, it would have been nice for it to have been adjustable, for me in my particular set up it would have been great if it had gone around the top of the steerer above the stem. I think this is the only omission in an otherwise great product.

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Topeak Fuel Tank First Impressions
The Topeak Fuel Tank is a top tube mounted bag designed to hold food, valuables, a camera or phone, spares or even a small jacket and pair of gloves. Topeak ...

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