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ProForm Tour de France Official Indoor Cycle Trainer

Updated on March 8, 2013

Serious Home Conditioning Bike

Get the Le Tour de France Pro Form Official Indoor Cycle, and do your cycle race training the best way.

Get more out of your conditioning time and perfect your workout with the iFit Live Technology Powered by Google Maps.

Choose your ride over the same trails you'll ride in the Race. See the road and the terrain on the screen. Map your favored route and the bike program does the rest.

Experience the same level of incline and decline that you will find on the street or the trail, from -20degrees to 20degrees.

Intelligent Wind Resistance challenges you with the wind profile you program into the bike. This bike trainer gives you everything you get outside, without the noise and fumes. A great training bike!

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Cycling Makes Profound Sense

"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle,

I no longer despair for the future

of the human race."

H.G. Wells -

Your Pro Form Tour de France Cycling Bike

Official Training Bike of the Tour de France - if you're serious about making the race, indoors or outside

You can ride around your favorite trail or course, and get all the benefits, without leaving home. Feel the pull of resistance, just like you do when you are on the hard trail. Picture your route on the screen for a quick check on your position, using that great Google maps feature, called iFit Live Technology.

Grab the 24 Digital Gear Controls to take charge of your workout in the way that fits your regimen. With the ProForm Tour de France Bike you'll meet your goals! Get yours today!

for your Smart Health Conditioning Cycles are Best Choice

For those who can no longer walk or run for exercise

2011 Tour De France 12-hr Collector's Edition

2011 Tour De France 12 Hour Blu-ray Collector's Edition
2011 Tour De France 12 Hour Blu-ray Collector's Edition

Fantastic story in stunning blu-ray clarity! Be there when all the amazing events took place on this grand course. If you ever want motivation to keep on with your bike training, simply pop in these dvds and get revved up!


ProForm Tour de France Official Bike Trainer

ProForm Le Tour De France
ProForm Le Tour De France

The Pros love this bike and you will too! Take your resistance, your incline and decline cues from the Google Maps image that is shown on the screen.

Ride the neighborhood trails, or the real Tour de France, without holding up traffic! You can select any course you can find on Google Maps, and ride the terrain as if you were there.

Get this bike trainer and Get Fit! You will never regret making this fine decision.


You Can Feel This Happy Too

Get on up there and make your day! Your Pro Form Cycle gives you the strength and endurance you seek, in the comfort of your home. Dress your way. Exercise when you want to. Watch your own TV or video, or read in peace and quiet.

photo credit: Wyrd Light

Inside the Tour de France

Inside the Tour de France: The Pictures, the Legends, and the Untold Stories of the World's Most Beloved Bicycle Race
Inside the Tour de France: The Pictures, the Legends, and the Untold Stories of the World's Most Beloved Bicycle Race

Rare and dynamic photos from the great race's archives. Be there - through inside photographs of the cyclists. 'See the countryside, feel the heat. Share the crashes and the successes of this stupendous group of bike riders. Racers' perfect gift!


In The Gym or Home?

If you have trouble keeping your schedule of gym training, then this is the cycle for you. After exercising and showering you are already at home, ready to crash with a book or TV - with no need to drive anywhere and get undressed again.

photo credit: Wyrd Light

The Great Proform 490 SPX Upright Bike - For every sale from Amazon on this page, Squidoo donates $1 to Room to Read

Proform 490 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer
Proform 490 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer

Super exercise bike boasts a 48.5# flywheel that smooths out your exercise regimen. Slip onto comfortable seat, with adjustments, grab the no-slip grip handlebars - position them the way that suits you best.

Feel resistance the way you set it up - composed of woolen felt, so you feel the adjustments and set them for your intensity preference. Sight the LCD to know how fast you are going, how much time is left in the workout, how far you have traveled, in the comfort of your home. Check hear-trate. Know how many calories you have burned.

Easy to move location because the bike has rolling wheels that ease the process. Holds up to 275 pound rider; warrantied five yrs.


Another Kind Of Cycle

The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles
The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles

While cycling away on your bright yellow Pro Form brush up on your knowledge of the big bad stock market cycle! Get buff! Get Smart! Invest Well!


Do You Cycle Outside or on an Indoors Training Cycle? or if you don't cycle, do you want to? - please leave responses here

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