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A travel fly rod for the roving angler

Updated on June 12, 2013

How to choose the best travel fly rod

A travel fly rod is an essential fishing pole for any fly fishing enthusiast on vacation or on the move. It is possible to take two or three piece fly fishing rods with you when travelling (although not always on an airplane) but these fly fishing rods are cumbersome, awkward and there is always a risk of breaking them, which is not good. Wouldnât it be awesome if you could get a fly fishing rod that collapses down in to several sections that are small enough to fit in a backpack or a standard sized suitcase? Well, with a travel fly rod this is possible.

A travel fly rod, as the name suggests, is a fly fishing rod that is specifically designed for anglers on the move. A travel fly rod is a standard length fly rod that collapses down in to several pieces, each of which is short enough to fit in a backpack or a standard sized suitcase, which means you can now take some fly fishing gear away with you on vacation, even if you have to fly to your destination. How cool is that?

This is great, but before you go and invest in a travel fly rod you need to know what features you need to look out for. There are several different rods out there labeled âtravel fly fishing rodâ but not all of them are suitable. In fact, there are just as many unsuitable rods as there are suitable ones, and with a lot of unscrupulous dealers only too willing to take your hard earned cash in exchange for a sub-standard travel fly rod you do need to keep your wits about you.

For all the features you need to look out for when investing in a travel fly rod please do carry on reading. I have also included some specific examples of some top rated travel fly fishing rods you may wish to consider.

Features of a travel fly rod

What you need to look for when choosing a travel fly rod

A travel fly rod must be small

A travel fly rod should be small enough to easily fit in a backpack or standard sized suitcase. The whole idea of a travel fly rod is that you can take it on vacation or leave it in the trunk ready for when you stumble across a river or lake when out exploring. A two or three piece rod is not a travel fly rod.

A travel fly rod should be balanced

A travel fly rod shouldn't be too heavy, but neither should it be too light. When selecting the best travel fly rod you need to make sure the rod is sensitive enough for bite detection and playing fish but have some strength in reserve when the bigger fish take the fly. If the travel fly rod is too heavy, i.e. strong, playing the fish to the shore will be boring. Similarly, if the travel fly rod is too light you are going to lose the heavier fish. Getting the right balance is crucial when choosing a travel fly rod.

A travel fly rod shouldn't be too short or too long

The ideal travel fly rod is around 8ft - 9.5ft in length. If you use travel fly fishing rods that are shorter than 8ft you will struggle to cast the fly any distance. Travel fly fishing rods longer than 9.5ft will either be in loads of different parts or the collapsed length will be too long to fit in a standard backpack or suitcase.

And on a final point....................

Use a tape measure before choosing a travel fly rod

When choosing a travel fly fishing rod always measure the backpack or suitcase you are going to put it in before you buy a fly fishing rod. This may seem pretty obvious but it is all too easy to forget to do this and end up buying a travel fly rod that won't fit in your suitcase.

If you want a top quality, but affordable, travel fly rod I recommend you take a look at the Dblue 7pc travel fly rod.

This exceptionally well made travel fly rod is not only tough an durable but also a pleasure to use. The Dblue travel fly rod is sensitive enough to feel the take and provide feeling when fighting smaller fish to the net but it also has plenty of strength in reserve for getting the larger fish to the shore. The Dblue travel fly fishing rod is nicely balanced, which is essential for hand holding it for hours on end, and really comfortable to use.

At 8ft 9 inches long the Dblue fly fishing pole is long enough to cast out flies with ease, and since it collapses down in to 7 separate sections it is small enough to fit in any medium sized backpack or standard sized suitcase.

With 7 separate sections you'd think putting this travel fly rod together is going to be a bit of a nightmare, but I can assure you it is not. Sure, it takes a little practice to get all the eyes lined up first time but after a few goes you will have the rod together in a few short minutes.

There are cheaper travel fly fishing rods on the market but I always think it is worth spending a little more on something decent in the first place, and I guarantee the Dblue travel fly rod is a decent rod and one well worth looking at if you want to do some fly fishing when on vacation.

Buying flies for fly fishing is more difficult than many people seem to realize. Walk in to any tackle shop and there will be hundreds of different flies, all slightly different, and choosing the "right" flies can be overwhelming. Well, with this kit you get a hundred different types of flies, and there is one for every situation you are going to come across.

These flies are very well made and securely tied with a nice finish. The hooks these flies are whipped on are strong and very sharp, so there is no need for any concerns over the strength and sharpness of these flies, or their ability to catch fish.

All of the flies are supplied in a tough and durable box that will not only keep them protected when not in use but also neatly arranged and organised. This is great since it stops the flies form getting all tangled up and allows you to find the right type of fly quickly and efficiently.

Buying flies in bulk in the most cost effective way of buying flies, and this kit is great value for money.

A travel spinning rod

An alternative to the travel fly rod

Spinning is another great way to catch trout therefore an alternative to a travel fly rod is the travel spinning rod. There are plenty of travel spinning rods available, some of which are telescopic and some of which are take apart, therefore the choice is vast and can be a bit overwhelming.

One of the most popular travel spinning rod combos currently available is the Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager spinning kit, and when you get to see what this kit has to offer it is easy to see why.

Okuma are well known for making high quality fishing tackle and the Voyage travel spinning rod is no different. This is a top quality rod which is very well made and durable. The Voyager is a 6ft, 5 piece light spinning rod that collapses down small enough to fit in medium sized backpacks or a suitcase making it an ideal vacation rod.

The Voyager is a light and sensitive rod that is a pleasure to use. The progressive laying curve ensures you can feel smaller fish fight as you attempt to get them to the shore, but also has enough power in reserve for when the larger fish take the lure. The Okuma Voyager rod is competitively priced an offers great value for money.

Walk in to any fishing tackle shop and you will see hundreds, if not thousands, of different lures, spinners, spoons and plugs. With such a large selection shopping for lures can be overwhelming. After all, which ones should you buy?

Well with this lure set the decision is made for you. This set features 64 of the most popular varieties of lure, all of which are proven fish catchers. It doesn't matter whether you are fishing for trout, salmon, crappie, bass or any other species of fish, there is a lure in this collection that will help.

The quality of this set is second to none and whilst at first glance it may appear expensive you have to remember it has 64 different lures so the cost per lure is around a buck, which is great value for money.

If you want to make sure you have all the lures you are ever likely to need but don't want the hassle of going to your local tackle shop to choose them, and sped a small fortune in the process, this lure set is exactly what you are looking for and I highly recommend it.

If you have any comments, ideas, raves or rants please feel free to note them here. Similarly. if you know of any top rated travel fly rods you want to share please do so.

I welcome your comments - Any raves or rants?

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    • GregoryMoore profile image

      Gregory Moore 4 years ago from Louisville, KY

      Nice lens. I need to knock the dust off of my fly rod. I would love to get back out west for another fly fishing trip.