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Turkey Hunting Gear

Updated on May 18, 2013

Are you planning for a turkey hunting trip soon?

Hunting turkeys is a challenging activity that people can do during the few weeks before Thanksgiving - or anytime during the year. Fathers can take their sons on a hunting trip to let their boys enjoy the outdoors and learn a thing or two about hunting gobblers. It is important that those who plan on tracking the signature Thanksgiving birds have the appropriate turkey hunting gears that can help them during their trip.

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5 Turkey Hunting Gear That Every Turkey Hunters Should Be Aware

turkey hunting gear
turkey hunting gear

1. Stool or cushion. Hunters would spend most of their time sitting down waiting for the perfect kill. It is imperative that they bring something that will let them sit down for hours at a time without them developing a sore backside or cramped muscles. The best stools to bring on such trips are those that are camouflaged, aren't very heavy, are collapsible, and are of average height. Stools that are too tall may make the hunter more visible to the turkeys, while very short stools may cause one's legs to fall asleep. These cushions or stools can also prevent a hunter from having to sit on the mud or wet soil.

2. Camouflage. This gear helps conceal hunters from the gobblers, which are able to spot colored objects. Camouflage includes the hunter's boots, shirt, pants, and jacket or coat. One can also buy a camouflaged cap with a mesh mask that can further hide their face from the birds and make them less conspicuous. Aside from wearing camouflaged clothing, a hunter can also get rifles and backpacks that have camouflage patterns, which allow them to blend with the scenery even more. Hunters should also remember to remain very still or minimize their movements.

3. Turkey calls. A turkey call is another important turkey hunting gear; this is used to lure turkeys near the place where the hunter is waiting. Gobblers are a very vocal species of birds, and hunters can certainly use this to their advantage. There are many hunting strategies that one can use to attract the gobblers. One of the most popular is to break up a flock of gobblers and then use the turkey calls to lure them back individually. There are other kinds of calls that one can use, including locator and friction calls.

4. Food and water. A trip to the woods is never complete without food and water. Some hunters may spend the entire day in the woods, which makes it paramount that they bring food and water along. While hunters can bring water bottles with them, they may also use hydration systems that are more portable than the former. One can also bring food rations to keep them satiated until they've finally bagged enough turkeys.

5. Head lamp. This serves as a hunter's source of illumination when they move through areas in the forest where there is little to no light. Head lamps are convenient because this leaves a hunter's hands free to carry the bag of turkeys and other items. It is ideal to get a weatherproof head lamp that can be used for long periods of time and is easy to adjust.

These are just five of the most important hunting gear that every turkey hunter should have as part of his/her hunting arsenal. These tools help make a turkey hunt more enjoyable and less of a pain on one's backside.

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Which turkey hunting gear have you gotten for your turkey hunting trip? - Let me know you were here. I love feedback!

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