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Turkey Hunting Strategies

Updated on May 18, 2013

Are You Looking For Turkey Hunting Strategies That Works?

Contrary to what most people may believe, turkey hunting can be done all year round. Whether it is summer, spring, fall, or winter, avid gobbler hunters can pack the necessary gear and travel to the nearest prime spot where they can find a gaggle of gobblers. These hunters are sure to have better pickings if they know the right turkey hunting strategies that they can use to maximize their trips, may it be during fall, winter, or spring.

Spring is widely considered as the best season to go hunting for turkeys. This is the time of year when jakes and jennies start mating, making it easy for hunters to lure unsuspecting young turkeys to their rifle's line of sight.

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Turkey Hunting Strategies That Can Be Used During Fall, Winter, or Spring

turkey hunting tactics strategies
turkey hunting tactics strategies

One good strategy a hunter can use when preparing to bag a turkey or two during spring is to first observe the places where these birds go to feed. Most of the time if a certain area is full of food sources, turkeys would rarely venture far. Hunters can use this to their advantage; once they find a prime feeding spot for jakes and jennies, they can start getting permission to hunt within that area, which would give them a huge boost over other hunters. They can then set up their equipment and gear and use turkey calls to lure the birds close enough for them to get a clear shot.

Once fall arrives, the successful turkey hunting strategies can change slightly. Normally there are three tactics to hunting a gobbler during fall, namely busting the flock, ambushing the individual birds, and cruising and calling. Busting the flock means that hunters have to startle the flock of turkeys. It is best to do this quickly and suddenly; birds that are forced to suddenly take flight adopt an erratic flight pattern. Once the flock has dispersed, hunters can now prepare to set up an ambush. They can use turkey calls to attract turkeys towards them. Hunters should be aware of the turkeys' flight patterns so that they know where to go once the flock disperses. Finally, the cruising and calling strategy involves the hunter "cruising" for identifying turkey marks (scratches, etc.) and urgently "calling" for turkeys. The latter can be achieved using certain tools that can be found in hunting stores.

Turkey hunting tactics strategies during winter may be limited. However, experienced hunters suggest looking for nearby harvesting fields where turkeys may go to find food. These birds have the tendency to be very noisy or vocal during the day, and one can use the calls of these turkeys to determine where the birds are located. One can then study the patterns of the flock and use the strategies used when tracking and catching turkeys during fall.

One possible strategy is to lessen the volume of a turkey call when a jake or tom gets too close. Loud calls would most likely scare the bird off. Another new tactic is to use decoys of jennies or hens that are clustered around another decoy of a male turkey; jealous toms or jakes would end up flying to the spot - and straight into the hunter's firing range.

Now that you know some of the best ways to catch a turkey, how soon will you go hunting?

Turkey Hunting Tips From Other Hunters

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