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Turkey Hunting Tips For Beginners

Updated on May 18, 2013

Are you planning for a turkey hunting trip soon and looking for tips?

Thanksgiving comes only once every year, but hunting the holiday's most famous fowl - turkeys - can be done anytime. Turkey hunting is a sport that goes back before the Europeans settled in North America. During the early years of the twentieth century, the population of wild turkeys in the United States was dangerously low. Thanks to the effort of a number of concerned individuals and conservation organizations however, the wild turkey population has now risen, giving hunters the chance to enjoy this challenging sport. Those who are worried about being a novice hunter need to remember that even the most experienced turkey hunter started out as a beginner. This article takes a look at some turkey hunting tips techniques that beginners can use to become more familiar with the sport.

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5 Basic Turkey Hunting Tips For Beginners

turkey hunting tips for beginners
turkey hunting tips for beginners

The first tip every turkey hunter should know is that he/she needs to be patient. Tracking and catching turkeys may take a lot of time and effort, especially in the tracking phase. Hunters first need to study the birds' patterns and identify the birds' usual feeding grounds. Ambushing and calling a turkey may also take time; hunters would most likely end up waiting in one spot for hours until they get the perfect shot.

A hunter also needs to wear the proper clothing and bring the appropriate equipment. Wearing camouflaged clothing is extremely important, because it prevents the gobblers from seeing the hunter before he/she can shoot it. Unlike some animals, turkeys are able to see colors, and hunters who wear bright clothes - such as a hat or a jacket - would have a very difficult time hunting gobblers.

Another important tip for novice hunters is that they need to decide on the kind of weapons they would use to hunt the birds. Some prefer to use a bow and arrows, while others use .243 or .223 hunting rifles or 12 gauge shotguns. However, a hunter may also use 20 gauge shotguns. They need to know how to use these weapons properly, and observe specific safety guidelines. This prevents them from experiencing any accidents while in the woods. Hunters also need to be aware if they are allowed to hunt turkeys using rifles; if not, they can opt to use either shotguns, crossbows, or a bow and arrows.

Hunters also need to get up very early, because this gives them time to set up their decoys and other equipment. While hunting game in the afternoon is also possible, most birds may have already been tagged by other hunters. Going to the hunting area early allows one to work under the cover of darkness, which assures them that the gobblers are unable to see them - until it is too late.

New turkey hunters also need to be familiar with the various hunting gear they can use. These include the kinds of turkey calls, which let them imitate the birds' calls and draw a turkey just close enough for them to deliver a killing shot. Hunting seats let hunters sit down comfortably, while decoys, coupled with these calls, can make luring turkeys much easier.

These are just some of the most basic fall or spring turkey hunting tips for beginners. One can also ask a friend who knows how to hunt to show them the ropes.

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