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Modern-Day Two-Sport Athletes

Updated on August 25, 2015

Deion Sanders: Baseball player/Football player

Neon Deion takes off.
Neon Deion takes off.

* Some on the list below played two sports in college but not professionally.*

This list is a work in progress. We're being pretty flexible about the definition of a modern day two-sport athlete.

There is the upper echelon - the Neon Deions and the Bo Jacksons... then there are guys like Tony Gonzalez, who was a major contributor to the basketball team and the football team at Cal.

The Working List

Brian Jordan: Major League Baseball National Football League

Deion Sanders: Major League Baseball National Football League

Jim Thorpe: Professional football player, collegiate football player and track athlete.

Jim Brown: Lacrosse player and football player at Syracuse.

Marion Jones: Professional sprinter and member of the Women's National Basketball Association.

Herschel Walker: Professional football player, mixed-martial arts fighter, Olympic bobsledder and NCAA sprinter.

Bo Jackson: Major League Baseball National Football League

Tony Gonzales: Plays professional football and played basketball at Cal and for a short time in the NBA D-League.

Jeremy Bloom: Professional skier and member of the Colorado Buffalo's football time.

Jimmy Graham: Came to Miami as a basketball player, then played for the football team as a senior. Currently the starting tight-end for the New Orleans Saints.

Antonio Gates: Played basketball at Kent State and is currently in the NFL.

Ronald Curry: Played basketball and football at UNC and played for the Oakland Raiders.

Julius Peppers: Currently in the NFL, also played basketball

Tony Gwynn: Played Major League Baseball and played basketball at San Diego State.

Randy Moss: NFL Wide Receiver. Took a shot at the NBA D-League, was an incredible basketball player in high school.

Terrell Owens: NFL Wide Receiver. Also tried his hand at the D-League.

Chris Weinke: Professional baseball player, QB at FSU and QB for the Carolina Panthers in the NFL.

Quincy Carter: Professional baseball player in the Chicago Cubs organization, QB at UGA and then with the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.

Donovan McNabb: Played basketball and football at Syracuse before playing QB in the NFL.

Charlie Ward: Heisman Trophy-winning QB for FSU who also played basketball in college. Played in the NBA for many years with the New york Knicks.

Allen Iverson. As a high school senior, Iverson was considered one of the best high school football AND basketball players in the country.

Drew Henson: QB for Michigan in college, played for the New York Yankees (MLB) and the Dallas Cowboys (NFL).

Jameis Winston: Baseball player and quarterback at FSU.

Russell Wilson: Former minor league baseball player, now starting QB for the Seattle Seahawks.

Iverson on the Football Field

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