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Kinds of Sports Websites For Sports Fans - Plus Football Website News

Updated on January 19, 2013

Sports Types Photos

The photo is from vector pack free sport article website.
The photo is from vector pack free sport article website. | Source

Sports Lovers News Websites

There are different sporting activities that people have interest on. Most people love watching their favorite sport on TV. But there is a new craze of legal live online sporting videos and archives you can watch and read about the type of sport news you want. There is always regular updates on these sites, some feature live results.

There are sports websites that you can read news updates, watch videos, results and fixtures and many more. These sites cater for players as well as spectators, they also offer some sporting equipment.

Below are some of websites you can read your sport news.

Online Sports Websites


You can get a good collection of baseball links on this website. This website have links to other baseball sites. You can get links to high school baseball, women baseball, youth baseball, major leagues, fall and winter leagues, statistics and analysis. There are also baseball collectibles, coaching website links, baseball software and many others.

American Football -

You can get the latest news about the game sponsors, teams, statistics, you can use the chat room you voice your opinions about the game. This is the North American Football League official site.

Resources For Runners

There are a lot of online running resources you can find on this website. There are tips for safe running, running news updates and articles. Training plans and how you can motivate yourself to run. Advice for new runners and where to find running events.


You will find all the latest rugby information about rugby union teams, players, fixtures and results, videos and photos. You can visit the rugby forum to read about professional views on the rugby game.

National Basketball Association

Whatever you want to know about basketball can be found on this website. You can read about the latest newsflash about the scores, players, schedules, stats, watch game videos and interviews online. There is league pass, fan stuff, you can even watch every NBA game from the NBA TV. For those basketball fans outside the United States, there is a section for global basketball.


Cricket365 is a part of 365 network. You'll read all the cricket information online about cricket fixtures and results, cricket by country, statistics, galleries. There are previews/reports, news about cricket tours and many more.

Live Soccer Results

This is a live soccer results website. There are football gossips, latest football game photos and statistics, forum to read the latest football game news. You will be updated live about the lartest results, you can even listen to the radio commentary. Know the leagues tables.

Football In Train Station


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