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Under Armour Long Sleeve T-Shirt/Base Layer - An Honest Review

Updated on January 13, 2014

After hearing some great reviews, I recently bought a black Under Armour long sleeve base layer top, more out of curiosity than anything else. I want to share my genuine perspective of this UA product to help assist you in determining whether the same product would be a suitable purchase for yourself or not.

Why did I need a base layer top?

Here in the UK, when Autumn, Winter and Spring hits - so does the cold weather! Obviously cold weather isn't just a phenomenon for us Brits, (nearly) everywhere gets it. And this was my sole motivation behind purchasing a long sleeve base layer top.

I play a variety of outdoor sports including football, running and golf. In order to enjoy these activities all year around, I'd previously used plain fashion long sleeve t-shirt to go under my sporting attire. However, these weren't particularly warm or didn't particularly allow me the right level of flexibility with these sports. This is when I did some research and the Under Armour compression tops came out top! Here's why:

Why I opted for the Under Armour long sleeve compression top

  • Style - Whilst I looked at other long sleeve compression tops, the Under Armour's seemed a very clean design - yet stylish at the same time. I feel that whilst the primary purpose of this top was for me to wear under my sports attire, I could easily get away with wearing it by itself.

  • Movement - Having put on my Under Armour top for the first time, it felt particularly weird. Whilst it felt tight on my body, I was amazed at just how free my upper body felt, especially the arms! I've since used the top during golf, football and running and it's been a revelation to allow me to stay warm during these cold winter months! The inclusion of the UA 'smooth flat lock seams' ensures that chaffing doesn't occur - and I can definitely vouch for that!

  • Feel - Everyone wants to feel good in what they're wearing. And I'm no different in this sense. I'll be honest, I don't have the perfect body. Far from it. However, when I put my long sleeve Under Armour top on, it gives me a certain level of confidence in that it sculpts my body, making it look much more defined. I've heard people wear these for the gym, for exactly the same reason.

  • Temperature - The compression top is very well designed to help the body stay at an optimal temperature during strenuous activities. The tops come with a choice of ColdGear and HeatGear - both specifically designed to be worn under different climates. Again, these all help keep the body warm. However, whilst the ColdGear apparently offers greater warmth in colder temperatures, mine is a HeatGear and has kept me warm throughout freezing temperatures

  • Sweat / Smell - Again, Under Armour have introduced further technology to their tops. To help keep the body cool and dry, there is a 'signature moisture transport system' incorporated into the top. From my experiences to date, I have felt the compression within the base layer has always ensured that I don't feel totally gross doing the most energetic of sports. In fact, I'm actually a serial sweater (cringe!) so I feel it's worked wonders for me so far in that respect to!

My Recommendation

I can't actually fault the quality of the Under Armour top that I bought, for my needs it's great. However, everyone has different tastes and lifestyles so a short sleeve top might appeal more to others. Especially in warmer climates/seasons.

The make of the product is second to none, and I imagine this would transpire to the other items of clothes that Under Armour also apply their compression technology to. It's been a long time since I've been impressed with a product I've never tried before and I will, and have, bought from Under Armour against since - marking my seal of approval on such a useful item of clothing.

Under Armour Women's ColdGear Authentics Mock, Black/Metal, Small
Under Armour Women's ColdGear Authentics Mock, Black/Metal, Small

They also make a female version of this stylish blank long sleeve top! Whilst this refers to a medium, there are a variety of sizes to choose from!

Under Armour T-Shirts - Under Armour Heatgear S...
Under Armour T-Shirts - Under Armour Heatgear S...

Perhaps black isn't your thing? Well another popular choice is the white version, which I personally think looks just as good!

Under Armour Boys Heatgear Sonic Fitted Long Sleeve Top Black / Steel Small
Under Armour Boys Heatgear Sonic Fitted Long Sleeve Top Black / Steel Small

Under Armour also make this great top for kids, offering them the same warmth and flexibility benefits of the adult version!


Have you ever tried Under Armour gear?

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Check out these cool Under Armour videos. For me, these light weight tops allow you to stay warm whilst having the freedom to perform such a range of activities. These videos give a great demonstration of just how well these tops genuinely do work! I've have recorded my own, but nobody needs to see that right!? ;)

Do you own any Under Armour goods? How do you find them? As good as I have, or have you had any bad experiences? Would love to hear others thoughts, whether good or bad!


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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

      My police officer son swears by Under Armour, especially on cold nights when he's in and out of his vehicle frequently. Great review!