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Used Go Karts for Kids

Updated on September 21, 2014

Where to buy go karts for kids?

Used go karts for kids under $500, $400, or $300 are available on the Internet, if you know where to look. While finding the right sites to visit takes time and research, I'm here to simply that process for you and provide great tips along the way. Riding go karts is a great activity for the family. With the proper gear and supervision, it is not only fun, but safe as well. When buying used go karts, it is important that you know that they won't be the best quality.

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They are most likely going to have superficial flaws, such as scratches and dents and may even need minor repairs. High-quality brand name go karts usually cost around 500 to thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, you can buy brand new ones for under 200 and even a 100 dollars if you are very lucky. Below, I will give you some great tips on how to find perfect used go karts for kids.

Where should I start looking?

If your goal is to save the most amount of money!

A great site to check out is eBay, the world's biggest online auction site. If you simply type in what you are looking for in the search engine, you will be presented with a ton of results. I've actually bought a few go karts from this site and I have never been disappointed. Even though some of them needed a few minor repairs, overall, it saved me big bucks. When using eBay, always make sure to check the seller's ratings and how many items he/she has sold in the past. There are a lot of scammers out there so be careful.

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Save Big by Purchasing on eBay - Build your own go kart!

Go Karts may be difficult to find if you do not live near a big metropolitan area. I am one of those people who live far off in the suburbs where there are more cows grazing on the land than people. However, that didn't stop me from ordering parts and building my own customized go kart. If you're not a handy-man, building your own mini-vehicle could be a great father and son (or daughter) activity. There are tons of manuals and online resources available with specific instructions. Once you understand the parts involved and how they fit together, it is no easier than putting together a bed or desk from Ikea.

Let's build your own go kart! - This is the cheapest and most rewarding way!

Once you've bought a go kart frame, four wheels and some parts on eBay, your next step will be to watch this video and start putting it together. I've gone through this process several times with my kids and they absolutely loved it! The key is to have them help you put it together. Not only will you be teaching them problem solving skills and basic tenets of engineering, but you will also be spending some quality time with your kids.

I've watched almost all the "how to build your own go kart" videos on YouTube and found this to be the most straightforward and helpful. However, everyone works differently and I highly recommending doing a search for other videos and finding what suits you the best in terms of skill level and pace.

Best place to look for Go Karts for Kids

The best place to purchase used go karts for kids is Amazon, the world's largest online retail store. Here you will find pretty much every product imaginable at ridiculously low prices. Depending on how much you purchase, you can also qualify for free shipping right to your front doorstep. Here is a list of the bestselling go karts for kids on Amazon. I really recommend the Razor brand, which has an excellent reputation for creating quality go karts for children of all ages. The used Razor go karts on Amazon are under 200 dollars and come with great warranties.

Last Resort: Craigslist - There are hidden gems to be found!

The last site I recommend that you look at is Craigslist. If you don't want to wait for your go kart to be delivered, you can find a seller near your home. A lot of the items sold on Craigslist are bargains because many times the seller wants to get rid of his/her items as soon as possible. You can even negotiate the price down if you are persuasive. Never send money to the seller via the Internet. Always meet the seller face to face and test out the product first before forking over the money.

Best place to buy a Go Kart? - Leave your ideas below!

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