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Used Go Karts Sale

Updated on September 22, 2014

Used Go Karts Can Be Just As Good As New Ones!

Go karting is one of the recreational activities ever invented by mankind. The sheer thrill that you get from speeding down the racetrack in what you can easily call a mini race car, is the best feeling in the world!

Go karts aren't exactly cheap, which is why many people are buying them used.

When you're buying a used go kart, you can easily save a few hundred bucks on a model that is $500 and up. It's the only smart thing to do in this economy.

When buying a go kart, the new price is easily going to be around the $1000 mark. Why pay full price for a go kart when you can get a used one at 50% off?

There are all sorts of go karts on the market today. Razor, from the dirt bike fame, has also jumped onto the go kart bandwagon. Their kids' go karts go for pretty decent prices in comparison with other manufacturers.

Check out these awesome Amazon go karts!!! (sometimes sold used at lower prices)

So What Is Karting, Exactly?

The noble sport of go karting is practices by hundreds of thousands of go kart aficionados all around the globe.

Some just like to ride their go kart for fun. Others partake in actual competitions. The skill levels vary widely.

Go karting is no laughing matter. It can be a great warming up for a full blown career in the Formula 1 racing circuit.

Go karting requires the exact same discipline and mechanics skills as 'real' race car driving doesn.

The big difference between a go kart and a Formula 1 car is that the go kart will cost you a few hundred bucks, while the Formula 1 car will cost you a million.

Kart... Or Go Kart?

Sometimes people ask me if there is a difference between a kart and a go kart.

For me, there is no difference whatsoever. I consider both words to mean the same, pretty much.

However, serious racers will most commonly prefer it if you call their go kart a kart. Makes them feel more serious about themselves!

Karts come in all sorts of price ranges and there is a wide variety on how powerful they are.

Don't be ashamed to have a healthy little bit of respect and awe for the go kart.

A fast go kart can easily go 25 mph, and that's no laughing matter!

Go Kart Engines

The kinds of engines you will find on the bigger and more powerful go karts, will often be 4 stroke engines. Also called electric motors.

Smaller go karts will usually do with a smaller 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine.

These engines are built by such manufacturers as Honda, Kohler, Robin, Tecumseh, Yamaha, Aixro, TKM and others.

They are specifically built for go karting. And based on what engine you get, you can get 11,000 to 16,000 rpm from these engines.

How To Build A Go Kart! - Can't find what you're looking for on Amazon or Ebay? Build your own!

Go Kart Tires

The tires on a go kart are, of course, much smaller than those on a normal car.

But don't let their small size fool you. They can withstand about 2 g-forces worth of kart cornering force.

Not only does the quality of the tires matter. It also matters what kind of go kart they are attached to.

The engine, the motor setup and the chassis... it all factors into the total capability of the go kart.

Just like in other motorsports, go karting tires can be either slicks (dry weather) or rain tires (wet weather).

Then there are special tires such as spiked tires. These can be used to drive around in icy conditions.

How To Build Your Own Homemade Go Kart

In summary, building a go kart goes as follows:

1. Draw plans

2. Gather materials

3. Acquire a welder

4. Cut metal tubing, weld it together

5. Assemble steering linkage

6. Design steering

7. Build axle

8. Weld flat plate to mount engine on

9. Attach throttle cable to hand throttle

10. Build seat and floor boards

If you want to read up on this plan in more detail, WikiHow has the details!

Popular Mechanics also did an article on it. It has fewer details, but you will be the proud owner of a Black Widow go kart!

From Go Karting Beginner To Pro! - This book explains in precise detail how to go about it!

Go karting has increased significantly in popularity in the past few years.

The emergence of indoor karting tracks has only just begun.

And go karting is a great way of getting started with motorsport at an affordable price.

Be careful with trying go karts... The initial thrill will never let go of you. And neither will you of it!

There's a risk of permanent addiction, just so you know it. ;)

The Karting Manual: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Competitive Kart Racing - 2nd Edition (Haynes Owners' Workshop Manuals)
The Karting Manual: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Competitive Kart Racing - 2nd Edition (Haynes Owners' Workshop Manuals)

Great beginner's guide

Written by Joao Diniz Sanches

Solid advice on climbing the go kart career ladder

Low price


Why Go Karting?

Are You Ready For The Ultimate Thrill?

Whether you are going with a racing go kart or an off road go kart... you're about the experience the ultimate in racing excitement.

There is no greater joy and smoothly maneuvering your go kart around the curves and bypassing your fellow go kart drivers.

Go karting is the best way I know of to experience the thrill of Formula One racing, without the excorbitant cost and without the high risks and health hazards.

If you're just starting out, a beginner go kart is probably what you should be going with. Beginners can either race on a paved track or off road.

Go karts for beginners are easy to control. And you're going to need to get used to the controls before stepping it up and getting behind the wheel of an intermediate go kart.

And even if you do lose control over your beginner's go kart... the consequences are usually not that drastic.

If you've always wanted to experience either Formula One or IndyCar racing... go karting is the best way to get as close to it as you can.

Kart Racer Movie - (Comedy / Drama / Family) - Dirt cheap on Amazon!

Kart Racer is the only movie I know of that centers all around kart racing.

This family comedy follows a young boy named Watts, who wants to become a professional go kart racer. His parents object and Watts must overcome his parent's objections in order to achieve his goal.

Eventually, Watts wins over his father, who then helps him get prepared for the big, final kart race!

Enjoyable family comedy. The kids will love it.

DVD Release Date: May 10, 2005

Run Time: 94 Minutes

Kart Racer
Kart Racer

Randy Quaid

Will Rothhaar

David Gallagher

Joe Dinicol


Amazon Spotlight Personal Review

When it comes to making a drive in a go kart enjoyable, you will not get around the fact that you will have to finetune your kart.

A correctly set up chassis is absolutely essential. The writer of this book, Memo Gidley, knows this and hammers the point home very effectively.

Next to finetuning, Everything You Need To Know About Karting also dives into the history of go karting. It also touches on safety issues.

All in all, this book is great for everybody that wants to get as much information on as many aspects of go karting as possible, in as little time as possible.

This book is a 160 page pill. It kind of had to be, because it contains such an enormous amount of valuable information for beginning go karters!

Experienced go karters with technical knowledge are better off with another book.

Karting: Everything You Need to Know
Karting: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Memo Gidley, accomplished race car driver

Touches on many aspects of go karting

Geared towards beginners

160 Pages chock full of useful information


Electric Go Karts - Is There Any Other Kind?

Most people prefer to have an electric go kart over a petrol go kart.

Electric motors will give a racer better performance when he accelerates out of corners.

Gas engines are known to get bogged down a little bit in situations like these.

A well known manufacturer of electric go karts is K1 Speed. At K1, they program their electric karts to slow down automatically when racing indoors.

They can also be shut down remotely in case there is an emergency going on.

K1 Speed's karts are for both children as well as adults. Their electric kart motors can produce up to 20HP, while other manufacturers' gas go kart engines can only get up to 9HP.

Read more about K1's karts.

1100cc Water Cooled EEC Go Kart Buggy Dune Buggy LZG1100E

Information On Kart Racing

Kart racing is a motor sport where small karts, or go karts, race against each other to see who crosses the finish line the fastest. Karts are 4 wheeled, open vehicles, that are much lighter than your average race car.

Karting is a great sport in and of itself. But many people also use the go karting sport as a stepping stone to a higher level of motorsport, with faster vehicles and higher prices.

Your average go kart can get up to several dozens of miles per hour. But some especially powerful go karts, also known as super karts, can achieve speeds of up to 160 miles per hour. These super karts cost a lot more than any beginner's kart.

Super karts are a far cry from karts built for entertainment purposes... the ones you find in theme parks. Theme park go karts can only go 15 miles per hour or so. These karts are meant for beginners. At only 15 miles per hour, it's almost impossible to get seriously hurt.

1000cc Dune Buggy Go Kart

This is one mean mother-effer! I'd love to own a groovy dune buggy such as this. I'm a big fan of all things black. And I just so happen to think that black and red is a great color combination to make something look mean. And this 1000cc monster looks pretty mean to me!

Just look at the lights on top. That's just awesome. Imagine flying through the corners with those lights on. My audience would be scared to death!

650cc Buggy Go Kart

This one is like the 1000cc one above, but a little smaller. What do you expect at 650cc? It's still a pretty fast kart by most people's standards. I like how you can clearly see the suspension. It's awesome watching a go kart bounce up and down while it's manouvering itself across a curvy track.

500cc Dune Buggy Go Kart

If my car would've had this color, I would not have been happy. However, if I'd be the owner of this dune buggy, I'd be very happy!

That poisonous, light green color makes the kart look all dangerous and stuff. I love how solid the thing looks. And just look at that design up front. Those are some great curves!

The same kart as the one above, but this one is yellow. I must say that yellow also looks nice. But I still like the green one better.

It's all subjective, of course.

500cc Dune Buggy Go Kart

Go karting for kids!
Go karting for kids!

What's So Much Fun About Karting?

Here's what!

There is nothing more fun than go karting this day and age! If you have a little kid that likes race cars, then you might want to think about getting him a go kart. If he is anywhere in the age range of 6 to 14, odds are he's gonna love it.

Take for example Razor's ground force drifter kart. It's a go kart especially for younger boys that puts the emphasys on drifting. Racing is cool, but drifting is awesome. And this go kart will let them make awesome 180 degree turns!

Kids' go karts can be a lot of fun, but you have to keep in mind that they are not especially powerful because they are meant to transport light weighing kids. So if you put a heavier kid in there, it'll go slower than when you put a lighter kid in there.

But then again, these go karts have been designed to take on kids of all weights, so even heavier kids will still get enough power from the kart to make it fun.

Street Legal Go Karts

If you're not driving a go kart to work, you don't count anymore! Street legal go karts are where it's at these days. You can thank Jay Leno for setting this trend. The guy's a car nut and regular ole' cars weren't good enough for him anymore.

Jay Leno's atom car costs $88,000 dollars. For that money, he's got himself a super powerful go kart that's more like a motorcycle than a car, really. It may be powerful, but it's not exactly what you'd call luxurious.

So is it really a good idea to start driving go karts rather than regular automobiles? Probably not, but that doesn't mean street legal go karts aren't hella cool! Jay Leno's atom has an enormously impressive power to weight ratio.

While the Atom only has 300 horse power, it weighs only a mere 1350 pounds. Your average car weighs around 4000 pounds. So while 300 horse power isn't very impressive on its own, it's the power to weight ratio that makes this go kart go really fast.

Kids Go Karts For Sale

If you are wondering what kind of gift to give to your kid, then you might want to consider a go kart. While all the other parents are buying their kids cheap toy action figures, you'll be the mom or dad that bought his or her kid a genuine go kart!

If you've got indoor go kart tracks somewhere in your near vicinity, then you might also want to consider taking your kid to the go kart tracks and rent a go kart. But some indoor go cart tracker owners will let you ride you own go kart in there.

So if you're not happy with the concession go karts they've got over at the tracks, then you can always buy your own go kart. If you're willing to make the investment, then you can buy a much more powerful one than the one they have at the tracks.

But in the end... no matter what kind of go kart you've got, they're pretty much all fun!

Petrol Go Karts For Sale

When it comes to go karts, you can't afford to hold back. While many people choose to go with electrical go karts, there are purists out there that want to ride petrol go karts. And I think I can understand why.

There's something about the roaring sound of the engine as a petrol go kart pulls you across the landscape. There is no way that an electric go kart would ever give you the same feeling of power right under your behind.

Show any kid on the block an electric or petrol go kart and let them hear the sound of the engine. I'm betting you that 9 out of 10 kids are going to go for the petrol kart rather than the electric kart.

For kids, there's no way to get closer to the experience of driving a genuine monster truck than being able to have a ride on a petrol go kart. I saw some petrol go karts on eBay just the other day, and they're being offered at pretty good prices.

Racing Go Kart Sale

Looking for a great go kart, eh? If you've ever driven a go kart, then you must be very familiar with the thrill of speeding around the corner at lightning speed, watching your neighbors look at you in envy.

If only they had an awesome go kart like you did. But they don't. And that's because they haven't checked all the great discount offers that you can find on Amazon when it comes to go karts.

The Razor brand is easily the most popular one. Not only on Amazon, but in the entire wondrous world of go karts. Amazon has the Razor ground force drifter kart and the Razor ground force electric go kart available at some pretty decent prices.

I've been to stores where they had these things on sale and they were still $100 more expensive than they were on Amazon at the time. Razor has a lot of cool stuff, by the way. Dirt bikes and quad bikes for example.

But before buying one of those, first have a look at their racing go kart on sale!

Would You Ever Buy A Used Go Kart From Amazon?

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      3 years ago

      Hi all,Have been interested in a while at bunlidig my own cart, but have been worried about the carts safety regards flipping over and not having any protection. I'd be please to hear your thoughts and advice. Like a lot of people starting out and doing research is there anybody that supplys working drawings.GH

    • RobertConnorIII profile image

      Robert Connor 

      4 years ago from Michigan

      Some things buying used just makes sense!

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      5 years ago

      @anonymous: razor*

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      the Razon go carts are awesome!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Looking to buy a go kart for my son, great info. Thanks.


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