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Used Horse Tack

Updated on February 7, 2013

Western VS English Horse Tack

There are quite a few differences in horse tack, and unless you are able to tell them apart, you may not make the right decision when it comes to buying new horse riding gear. This happens to a large number of beginning riders, simply because of the amount of options available to you. If you take some time to educate yourself on the differences in styles of horse tack, you can save yourself quite a bit of frustration, and even money, when it comes time to buy new gear.

The two main types of horse tack are considered Western, or English and related mainly to the type of riding being done. When you think of Western horse tack, you are going to want to think of cowboys and Indians.

Not necessarily when you are riding, but in the style of gear that you will be using. Western style horse tack is used primarily on duty horses, or horses that have a job to do on the farm. Because Western style riding uses the riders weight on the horses back to control him, as well as the riders body movement, Western style gear must be durable and made of high quality material and is generally not appropriate to use as draft horse tack for example.

There are a lot of places selling discount horse tack, but ebay is probably one of the best places to look as there is a wide range from english or breyer horse tack to some of the more specialized like miniatiure horse or arabian tack.

In Western style tack, heavier gear is used on the horse as well as neck reins to help control movement, whereas English style tack is made to control the horse’s mouth, and keep the rider close to the horse’s body.

This smaller and lighter design gives the rider incredibly close contact and feel, helping them maneuver the animal at higher speeds and a Western saddle and reins would allow. Because of this close contact, English style tack is typically used on racehorses and jumping horses.

The differences between the type of tack that you are going to want to use are visual in nature. By simply looking at both styles, you will easily be able to tell the difference. Depending on your style of riding, you are going to want to make sure that the horse riding equipment you purchase is exactly what you need.

It may be awkward on yourself and the horse if you plan to jump them, or possibly even show them while using Western Style gear. On the other hand, you may have issues trying to control a large herding horse with a small English saddle, stirrups and reins. Take your time while you are buying new horse tack to ensure that you remain happy with the gear after your purchase.

Used Horse Tack
Used Horse Tack


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