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wacky rigging

Updated on March 16, 2011

OK so a lot of people are wacky rigging a senko these days. I have heard that a lot of people are using the O-ring method when rigging the Senko. I for one have tried it and I am worried that the hook up ratio lowers with the O-ring method. Now for big fish I don't think there is a difference. For the average fish I think changes. Lets say the average fish is 2 pounds. well when the fish takes the 5 inch senko into it mouth the bait will ball up and I am worried that it will cover up the hook. Now if the hook is in the senko then it will be facing up and provide a much better path to the roof of the fishes mouth.

I will add that after playing with this in a pool the o-ring method does keep the hook straight up and therefore it will reduce snags. I have also noticed that the o-ring gives a different action. I have mixed reviews. I am going to give the o-ring method a try for a while and see if I can prove myself wrong.


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